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Satanic Jewelry - Succesful in Business and Career - Demon Jewelry

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Become Succesfull in Business and Career with the Silver Charm of Asmodeus, Nune, Eligos and Belial
Each pendant or ring has been dedicated to the owner and can not be used by other people. Therefore, it is very important that you tell us the exact details of the son's son, whom Master Sortiarius can complete the special consecration ritual. Tell us when ordering:
Full name
Date of birth
City where you live
Each of these 4 daemon will help you in developing your business or career to unknown heights, and if you don’t have a job , they will help you find the most suitable one.

These are the 4 daemon and their position in the amulet:

Bune (right)
Bune helps acquire wealth and provides sophistication and worldly wisdom. She gives eloquence in speech and a flair for words.
Bune has shoulder-length straight black hair with dark slanted eyes, a tan complexion and black wings.

Eligos (left)
He grants favor in court cases and legal affairs, and helps to attract business and financial success. He creates love and lust and causes war and marshals armies. He helps in discovering hidden things.

Asmodeus (Center)
Asmodeus was of the order of Seraphim and he carries the title “King of the Demons.” He governs the many realms of pleasure. He prefers to be summoned bareheaded [without a hat or head covering] and he teaches the arts of astronomy, arithmetic, geomancy, and craftsmanship. He answers all questions, discovers and guards treasures and gives the ability to read the thoughts of others. He confers invisibility, and can break up marriages/relationships. Asmodeus has a human Mother and his Father is a God. He has jet black hair with a braid down his back, and has an olive complexion. Asmodeus is extremely courteous and very much a gentleman.

Belial (bottom)
Belial distributes presentations and titles. He reconciles friends and enemies, and provides familiars He can assist one with job promotions and helps to gain a higher position. He can bring favors from others, even one’s enemies. Belial was Prince of the Order of Virtues. Belial is thin, smaller than most of the other Demons and has platinum blonde hair.

Materials Used


Product Attributes

Primary Material: Sterling Silver

Size: 28mm

Color: Silver


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