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This NO SOLICITORS sign has a inspirational story behind it that you can read below after the sign explanation. This sign has engraved letters painted with BRIGHT RED acrylic enamel paint with 2 coats of Helmsman outdoor polyurethane. It is approximately 19.5" x 3.9" tall and .6" thick. You will have your choice of mounting systems either 2 or 4 tapered screw holes through the front of the sign for a "SOLID" unmoving mount OR an invisible keyhole mount. I used screws on mine to make sure the sign wouldn't grow legs if you know what I mean. I made 2 for myself and while I was at it I figured I would make a spare for sale here.


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Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

Now if you are interested in the Long story,

Here I was minding my own business making a new desk in the woodshop when lo and behold the doorbell rings. I figured it was a friend who was supposed to come over and help....((Basically Long on offer short on help))....Anyway; I made the mistake of answering the door.

Yep, you guessed it. I spent the next 20 minutes trying to convince a salesman that I didn't need a burglar alarm installed just because the neighbors were getting one.

Yep, he couldn't convince me even after offering free installation, free 3 months of monitoring... Being a nice guy I was slowly losing my patience after politely telling the salesman NO THANK YOU for the UMPTEENTH TIME. I even had to explain to him that buglar alarm to me means a Big Dog with an attitude, and a S&W by the bed. Of course I also had to go into great detail about my great neighbors who watch our house when we are not home...

After 20 minutes of my repeating NO THANK YOU to offer after OFFER he finally left. WHEW, I was glad that ordeal was over and I was able to get back to my desk.

About 30 minutes later guess what? Yep, while applying a first coat of varnish to the desk the DARN doorbell rang again. Thinking it was my buddy finally showing up (((again long on offer...short on help))) I answered the door AGAIN. I should have looked first...

Apparently solicitors think because I'm home that I'm interested in buying something... Anyway you'll never guess what I was confronted with at the door. OMG literally.... Yes, J.W.'s were there, NOT 1 but 2 elderly ladies with bibles in hand and the best of intentions. Apparently at some time in the past they talked at length with my GF who unfortunately wasn't home at the moment... Sadly our hero was at it again...

Being taught to respect my elders I patiently listened and got the sermon I was overdue for. Of course feeling guilty as it was a bit chilly out I invited them in. About 30 minutes later and minus 2 glasses of Ice Tea I recieved a free printed copy of something to do with the coming of Christ. I filed this printed copy under miscellaneous if you know what I mean.

Here is where I stopped working on the desk and made a couple of NO SOLICITOR signs. Yes, one was immediately posted on the back gate and another by the front door bell. All are painted Bright Red with an exclamation mark. Hopefully the intended audience gets the picture in the future.

You would think that it would have dawned on me at
sometime in my life to make a NO SOLICITOR sign as making signs is my hobby. Perhaps this sign might have saved me a lot of NO's in the past. Like the guy who comes by every couple months wanting to sell frozen meat out of the back of his van....Like I would actually trust somebody selling frozen meat door to door.

Thanks for looking

Yes I know what you are thinking....the answer is NO my buddy never did show up. Long on promise and short on help..... Thats OK the desk will still be there next weekend.

Materials Used

pine wood, helmsman polyurethane, red acrylic paint

Product Attributes

Color: Green

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