Genie Conjuration Custom Ritual Djinn Spirit Grant Your Wishes Magick


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Genie Conjuration Custom Ritual Djinn Spirit Grant Your Wishes Magick


The listing that you are viewing is one that we, as a collective grouping of 9 highly trained, dedicated professionals are so very pleased to finally be able to offer.

This ritual is an 11-year odyssey in the making. The direct spiritual linking of a legitimate wish granting Genie.

Beginning in February of 2003, one of our Coven, Lord Thiad Duarte, our High Priest began to research, test, and formulate the ancient Egyptian, and Arabian beliefs of Genie binding.

The Genie, or Jinn as classified in some cultures, are spiritual entities of extreme power. They are granted divine prowess that is not of this world, or know in any way to man. To invite a Genie in to your life is, unquestionably, the most profound thing that one can do for their lives, the way they choose to live their life, their futures, their family, and their destiny.

An authentic, conjured Genie, when connected to the spirit body of a mortal, their Master, are bound by solemn oath to oversee the life and safety of their Master. They work as a silent force, within, and around you to listen to protect you, to nudge you always in the right direction, to be sure you are happy, prosperous, and free of the shackles of modern society.

The Genie will elevate your spirit to a place of profound spirituality, connectivity, and poise. You will experience huge, life long increases in your charm, attraction, mental power, intelligence, charisma, poise, confidence, and abilities to thrive.

A Genie will place you in the greatest position of strength, and success at all turns. Every day of your life.

Succeed marvelously and without any effort in love, relationships, your sexual desire, with money, with business, with friends, with day to day tasks. Achieve your goals rapidly and through to finality.

The Genie is a WISH GRANTING entity. All you must do, once bound, is visualize your desires. Day dream, let them play in your mind. Speak to your Genie, and he or she will listen, and take immediate, otherworldly actions to facilitate your desires.

Simply put: Your dreams, your wishes, will turn in to a reality.

Before choosing to list this to the general populous, and after 11 years of study and practice, Lord Thiad performed this careful, exotic ritual on one Man. This man's name is "Mark" (for sake of privacy). Mark is a man that Lord Thiad has known for many years, and is a friend. Lord Thiad chose Mark specifically because Mark is a professor of science. He is an extremely "see, smell, touch" oriented individual, and was admittedly hugely skeptical of this process, but agreed to have it undertaken. The scientific mind, much like the esoteric mind, tends to wander in to a place of curiosity, despite skepticism.

"Mark" was kind enough to provide us with the following testimonial/statement, and it's with his permission that I share it with you, verbatim:

"Greetings to you Tess. Pass along my thanks, marvel, and love to my Buddy Thiad. Tell him coffee Saturday at the Wayside. Feel free to join!

So it's here that I sit, now 31 days removed from this ritual, as you instructed me, and I am ready to share my experiences. Again, I give you full permission to share my words, as you wish.

Let me begin by saying I do not believe in, though I deeply respect and admire, the practice of magick, alchemy, and energy as a practical use, on the whole. After this ritual was held (is it "held".. "worked".. "cast'? feel free to edit), I began to feel, oh, within a day or so, like something was a bit different. Much like the way you think to yourself that you are on the verge of getting a cold, there's just something coming and you can sense it. Then, you wake up two days later with a sore throat, and sure enough, you've got that cold you knew was coming. How do we know these things? I suppose that's for another time, and place.

At any rate I knew I felt something, but it certainly wasn't a cold oncoming. Just the best analogy I can come up with at the present time. I felt like myself, normal as any other day, but I felt warm and I felt really optimistic to things. I found myself giggling at a Father and his, what I presume to be daughter, walking down the road on my way to the office that morning. I'm not a giggler. I think this was the moment I knew something was different. I felt good.

At the urging to Thiad I began to speak to this "entity" he told me lived with me now. Hey, why isn't he paying rent? Meh.. I digress. I guess it would be like praying, although I am not a Godly man. It's what I suppose praying is to those that are. Silent thoughts, and wishes. Asking for things that I lacked in my life. I felt selfish, and I felt silly.

Days and nights went on. More warm, more happy, but that's it? Just warm and happy? Not all that exciting I must say, but at least it was something.

I'll let you in a bit. My Wife and I have had a hard time. I suppose it's a snowball effect. The kids are off on their own, and I think I discovered over time that they were the glue that held us together. Ahh normalcy. As long as we've all got a routine it's easy to not get stuck in a rut. The rut surely came, though, as our lives changed. Empty nest indeed.

The hard times fell quickly and forcefully. The house was quiet, and we suddenly had nothing to talk about. Sex, intimacy, romance had been non-existent for us for as long as I could remember. Adios, and via con dios, love making, I'd long since thought.

But the biggest culprit was money. Isn't it always? The root of all evil, is it not? (Timothy, 6:10 if memory serves). We were paying for three tuitions, two cars, a mortgage, and the necessities that all need, that thanks to greed just keep going up in price. 5 for a gallon of milk, huh? Thanks a lot.

I figured since I was going to give this Genie thing an honest to goodness shot that I'd ask for money, and for things to get less weird at home. I expected nothing.

Then, it was a Wednesday, on my way home from the office I stopped at a Circle K for a 6 pack and one of those 5 gallons I mentioned. I haven't bought a scratch off lotto ticket in probably 20 years. The lottery is a rigged game, and I knew it. But, this night, I did. A big boy, too. A 20 ticket that must have been a foot long, that I could not afford, and would catch hell for if the Wife found out. She never would have cared before, but that was a different time, and we're now different people. Screw it.

I didn't even scratch it that night, I suppose I forgot. I saw it on the passenger seat of my car the next morning, and my thoughts were immediately: "Oh no, I hope she didn't see it." I scratched. There was a row of winning numbers at the top, and a big section that I was supposed to match them too, which, my mind told me would surely be losers. The second "winning number" (Yeah, B/S I say) from the top left was 12. As I scratched the second row I revealed a "12" and thought: "Hot damn, I actually won!", and as I scratched off the rest, all in a short moment, expecting to see I'd maybe won my 20 back, I saw 250,000 under the 12.

As I gathered my thoughts for a second, fully in disbelief, I just drove to work. I didn't know what else to do. By the time I got to my desk, sat down, and realized that it was there, in my hands, and real. Not fake, not a badly placed gag by a friend of mine to mess with me. It was there, and real. I had won a quarter of a million dollars. I just started to shout. To this day I don't know why.

I called my Wife, and she was awe struck. I went home that day as early as I possibly could. We sat, and talked, we laughed, we called the phone number on the back to figure out how to get our money.

My Wife, who used to drink with the big boys, but hadn't done so much as sip a chardonnay in more than 10 (15?, 20?) years went out and bought some champagne. We drank to our good fortune. The surprise came later when she initiated a passionate love making session with me that I, frankly, had forgotten could have existed. It was a great night. Throughout it all, I never connected this turn for the better to my supposed "Genie" friend.

It was only in the few weeks that have since passed that I realize something truly is here, despite my mind telling me not to believe it. In a month I have won 250,000, I have reconnected with my Wife in a way I thought unimaginable, I feel really good every day, I have began to run again in the mornings, I feel healthy, and all signs point to a rich, happy existence that I worried had passed me by. My eldest daughter finally broke it off with that degenerate she was with, and my second daughter informed her Mom and I that we'd be grandparents for the first time (Fear not, her Husband is a fabulous guy!). I am just really happy, and it's too much to pass off as coincidence, despite my overwhelming urges to do so.

Three cheers to you and your group over there, Tess, and thank you. I hope this novel I've provided is useful to you. As I said, use it as you wish, and nothing but the best."

Now I ask - Is it your turn to invite the powers of a Genie in to your life? Is it time for you to start to live your truest desires, versus simply wishing they were real?

Upon your purchase you'll be contact directly so that we can begin to discuss your situation, and your desires. I hope to hear more about you, learn of your life, past, present, future, and desires. All that is *required* of you to have this spell cast is simply your name, and astrology sign. Anything you share with us beyond that is of your discretion.

You are reading this for a reason. You found me for a reason. If you have any questions at all please never hesitate to contact me.

** You are purchasing an all inclusive spell casting service. Your results will be digitally delivered to you via email. I will email you upon purchase so that we can discuss your desires for the spell work. **

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Refund Policy & Purchase Agreement:

Never any questions asked, never any hassle for 30 days from the date your ritual is cast, and/or 30 day from the date you receive your package. The date that your ritual is cast coincides with the email that I send to you that reviews, and discusses your ritual work as having been held. That is when the 30 days begin. You agree to this by purchasing our service.

If at the 30 day mark you are not thrilled with the results that we have provided, it is my policy to offer a more aggressive recasting for you at no additional charge, if you wish.

Magick can create incredible realities that cannot be created elsewhere. That said - Magick is not instant gratification. Magick is not a drive through window.

Can our work provide very swift results? Yes, it absolutely can, and that is our chief goal, each, and every time we cast for a client of ours. If a ritual takes some time to manifest it is not by design, it's the simple nature of magick, and energy work.

I will ask for your permission, if a refund is requested, to perform a full reversal, and disbanding of the energies of the ritual cast.

You will not be entitled to a refund if you refuse to allow the ritual(s) to be reversed. By reversing the ritual cast we ensure that we are not being taken advantage of.

Any requests for a refund after 30 days have passed are at the discretion of the seller. You agree to all of the aforementioned information when purchasing our service.

Shipping Policy:

All shipments are made worldwide via the United States Postal Service. We ship once or twice per week, usually on Mondays, and Fridays. If you would like to have your item tracked, or would like to add a signature/delivery confirmation please inform us of that, and we will accommodate.


Amar7 on Aug 16, 2020
1 stars

Lottery numbers failed to win, asking Tess why, she said she didn't promise they win immediately, Millionaire in 3 months didn't work either in improving anything in my financial situation, the only one who gained in this transaction is Tess alias Mysticlunar alone. I don't recommend her, in the beginning she seemed trustworthy with her attentive friendly communication, but in the end she showed her true face, asking for 100% satisfaction guarantee she ignored, putting the blame on me that I misunderstood it. 50$ + lottery tickets wasted.
Alexani on Jun 22, 2017
5 stars

I love this lady and her coven. I just felt a real connection with her even from the moment I read the bio. She's a great communicator and I loved how after the spell was cast she emailed me in great detail about the spell casting. I'm so lucky to have found Tess and would highly recommend her. If I ever need another spell cast, I wont hesitate to go to her.

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