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Change My Life Magick Session 155 Spell Castings Money Sex Love Luck


The Ultimate Change My Life Ritual Set is a carefully crafted, proven, time tested set of 155 spell castings to be held unto one recipient, to change the path of their life forever.

The process of using white light magick is a process that I have made my life's path for the last 41 years. Myself, and my very talented Coven will cast for you 155 total spells over the course of 5-7 days, depending on lunar positioning, and energies. The ritual set works together, one by one, spell by spell to embolden and expand your life in to a stratosphere of happiness that covers all aspects of a joyous life. This is a "one size fits all" ritual set that I have been practicing, and perfecting since 1978.

ANY person reading these words will benefit in a massive way as the result of taking on this magnificent, all encompassing ritual set. The life that you live is limited by stress, depression, working 40 hours every week, not sleeping peacefully, eating fast foods that are deteriorating your health, addictions, anger, resentment, past bad decisions, mis-steps, and so much more.

Would you like to live a life where EVERYTHING you touched turned to gold? Where every decision was the right one? Where the massive amount of benevolent, loving energy around you was constantly working your favor.

Live a life filled with financial abundance, success, happiness. Say goodbye to working for someone else for minimal pay, instead spend your time exploring the world, taking vacations, giving to charity. Live your life with a stronger, or new love - Find all of the things that are missing in your daily existence with our help.

Very, very few people live a lavish, successful, stress free life. Maybe they won the lottery, maybe they lived a charmed existence. The numbers are low. Very few people are this privileged, and happy, but it doesn't have to be that way. There is so much in this world for you to enjoy!

You shouldn't be spending it in an office, cubicle, or factory. That's not how we were intended to go through our very short lives on this plane of existence. Why go on like that if you don't have to?

Below you will find a short list of some of the benefits that will enter your life as a result of taking on this beautiful ritual set. This is a limited list. The benefits you'll receive are these, and much more:

Full financial independence.

Generational wealth.



Removal of ALL stress, anxiety, worry.

Karmic balancing.

Expanded spirituality and connectivity with esoteric powers.

Expanded Aura.

Good luck, prosperity, always making the right choices.

Effect those that you love positively.

Make new friendships.

Meet new lovers, or expand your current relationship to new sexual heights.

Worldwide power influence.

Mind control.

Time control.

Telekinetic abilities.

Dramatically improved health longevity.

Disbanding of any hex, curse, or bad luck.

Expansion of receptors of luck, balance, happiness.

Attraction, attention, magnetism to others.

Sleep incredibly well every night, wake up whenever you desire, not when your alarm clock tells you you have to.

Success in business, relationships, friendships.

Overall joy and balance.

This is a limited offer, solely due to the fact that it is very time consuming, and uses a lot of our resources. It's advisable that you act now if you think that this ritual set is for you.

If you have any questions at all, want to discuss this ritual set with us, wish to share anything with us, et al. feel free to do so by CONTACTING US and we will promptly send a reply.

** You are purchasing an all inclusive spell casting service. Your results will be digitally delivered to you via email. I will email you upon purchase so that we can discuss your desires for the spell work. **

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Refund Policy & Purchase Agreement:

Never any questions asked, never any hassle for 30 days from the date your ritual is cast, and/or 30 day from the date you receive your package. The date that your ritual is cast coincides with the email that I send to you that reviews, and discusses your ritual work as having been held. That is when the 30 days begin. You agree to this by purchasing our service.

If at the 30 day mark you are not thrilled with the results that we have provided, it is my policy to offer a more aggressive recasting for you at no additional charge, if you wish.

Magick can create incredible realities that cannot be created elsewhere. That said - Magick is not instant gratification. Magick is not a drive through window.

Can our work provide very swift results? Yes, it absolutely can, and that is our chief goal, each, and every time we cast for a client of ours. If a ritual takes some time to manifest it is not by design, it's the simple nature of magick, and energy work.

I will ask for your permission, if a refund is requested, to perform a full reversal, and disbanding of the energies of the ritual cast.

You will not be entitled to a refund if you refuse to allow the ritual(s) to be reversed. By reversing the ritual cast we ensure that we are not being taken advantage of.

Any requests for a refund after 30 days have passed are at the discretion of the seller. You agree to all of the aforementioned information when purchasing our service.

Shipping Policy:

All shipments are made worldwide via the United States Postal Service. We ship once or twice per week, usually on Mondays, and Fridays. If you would like to have your item tracked, or would like to add a signature/delivery confirmation please inform us of that, and we will accommodate.


Amar7 on Aug 16, 2020
1 stars

Lottery numbers failed to win, asking Tess why, she said she didn't promise they win immediately, Millionaire in 3 months didn't work either in improving anything in my financial situation, the only one who gained in this transaction is Tess alias Mysticlunar alone. I don't recommend her, in the beginning she seemed trustworthy with her attentive friendly communication, but in the end she showed her true face, asking for 100% satisfaction guarantee she ignored, putting the blame on me that I misunderstood it. 50$ + lottery tickets wasted.
Alexani on Jun 22, 2017
5 stars

I love this lady and her coven. I just felt a real connection with her even from the moment I read the bio. She's a great communicator and I loved how after the spell was cast she emailed me in great detail about the spell casting. I'm so lucky to have found Tess and would highly recommend her. If I ever need another spell cast, I wont hesitate to go to her.

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