Obsessed love spell Santa Muerte


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Obsessed love spell Santa Muerte


This spell will make your lover obsess over them. This Obsessed spell is not like any other Spell, this is very powerful spell. If the person you love is ignoring you, never noticed you or even never interested on you, then you can use this Obsessed Love spell on them. This Spell will make them obsessed with you, and your name will keep coming to their mind and he or she will be constantly for you.
Please sent these details after you order my spell through messange.
-Your full name
- Your birth date.
-Name of the person you love
- Name of the country
After I finish Casting your Spell I will sent
-I will sent Photos from your spell so you will know that I really casted your spell.
-Little description of your spell.
1. How can I trust you are real Spellcaster?
And:- I will sent you Photos from your Spell after I finish casting your spell, so you will know I casted your spell.
2. After I order your spell, when will you cast it?
Ans:- I will cast your Spell within 24-48 hour after you ordered the Spell.
3. Will you Ship Anything?
Ans:- No I will not ship anything by Mail.
4. After you Cast My Spell, How long I have to wait for Results?
Ans:- After I completed your Spell, Results can happen anytime and anyday. But Most likely wait for 2 weeks.
5. Spells from you will harm me or will backfire me?
Ans:- No! Nothing will happen to you, All my Spells are safe and it works for best.

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