Pearl Mineral Powder Soft Focus Skin Care With Micronized Pearl, 2g


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Pearl Mineral Powder Soft Focus Skin Care With Micronized Pearl, 2g


Full size 5 ml jar sifter - Net Weight 2g (0.07 oz).
Please, write in a personal message your shade from the palette.

Pearl Soft Focus Powder - Skin Care Mineral Powder with micronized pearl powder, mother of pearl and glamorous effect.
This mineral powder is suitable for all skin types. Especially recommended for dull skin, if you have age spots, fine lines. Contains a small amount of pearl particles to effect illumination inside, a natural healthy glow.
Easy enough, but is able to mask minor imperfections, even out skin tone. Can be used as an independent powder, as well as the primer (or bases prior to the application of the veil, skin care), as veil makeup for fixing and smoothing of facial features, and as a tool's Skin, including for the night.
60% consists of powdered pearls, which has many useful properties: inhibits the formation of melanin,
cosmetically brightens the face, removes spots and prevents their appearance, enriches the skin with essential nutrients, promotes active regeneration of cells, stimulates circulation, slows the aging of cells, smoothes fine wrinkles, improves cellular metabolism,
moisturizes and nourishes the skin, and has a protective antioxidant effect, protects the skin from UV rays. Also has anti-inflammatory, anti-swelling and anti-allergic effect.
In pearl primer-veils, as in all powder Psyché, contains a complex of modern mineral particles with the Soft Focus effect. These luxury minerals reflect light in all directions, allowing you to hide small wrinkles and other imperfections, visually smooth skin texture.

This primer veil can include in your personal powder in any percentage, in combination with any other powder Psyché. For example, when combined with a mineral powder, concealer will base medium density with a good covering ability, and SPF properties useful pearl powder.
It is possible to produce pearl powder base - powder medium density with higher masking and hiding properties, SPF 25+ and properties of the primer-pearl veil. For dry skin (titanium dioxide) and normal, oily skin (with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide).
Your individual wishes about the composition, please indicate in a separate letter or comments when ordering.

Cosmetics Psyché is luxury unique in that the composition includes a rare, high-quality and expensive mineral components from France.
We DO NOT USE cheap fillers: kaolin, bismuth oxychloride, talc, starch, etc.
Dye free
Cruelty free & 100% Vegan.

Ingredients: micronized pearl powder, photoshop-effect minerals, boron nitride, silica microspheres, silica, lauroyl lysine, allantoin, mica, iron oxide, ultramarine.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Photoshop effect minerals,titanium dioxide,boron nitride,mica,silica microspheres, magnesium stearate,allantoin,iron oxides

Size: 5ml jar

Color: Yellow

Weight: 2 g

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Welcome to our store of mineral cosmetics!
We use the best, luxurious ingredients, caring for the skin and makes it beautiful and perfect. This is modern mineral particles with the effect of Photoshop and caring for the skin silk powder, pearl powder, bamboo powder and rice powder.
We do not use bismuth oxychloride (often irritating), the components of the nanoparticles, on the impact of which on the skin there are different opinions, as well as cheap fillers that can clog pores, dry skin (such as talc, chalk, kaolin, starch).
We are pleased to answer any questions if you have difficulty to make a choice.

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Orders are executed and sent by mail within 10 days after 100% prepayment. If 10 days of execution of orders expire in a weekend or holiday, when post offices are not working, orders are shipped the next business day.

Shipments to USA takes 3 weeks to be delivered.
To Asia, SouthAfrica, Australia about 4 weeks or more.

Refunds and Exchanges
All our cosmetics are made individually for each client and can be individual correction tone and texture, if you report it in a personal letter.
Please note that it is possible color distortion at different monitor settings, so the expected and the actual color powder shadow, blush may be different.
Therefore we ask in separate letters to specify your wishes on tone and texture (weight, composition, degree of gloss or matte), if they differ from the standard set forth in the job description. All other questions and comments, please also specify the order before payment.
Upon receipt of the order requested in cases where the color cosmetics you have not approached or texture, density, etc. did not meet your expectations, inform in a personal letter before leaving feedback.
You can return or not the approaching change in color or texture of the vehicle, but not more than one jar of 30 ml and 3 ml of 5 jars. In this case, shipping is paid by the buyer (customer).
We carefully check the quality and on all orders. But no one is immune from mistakes, and in the case of items ordered inadequate quality or improper equipment, please write about it in a personal letter. In that case we will reimburse you the full value or will send you the appropriate position again.
Please note that mineral makeup is applied only quality brushes designed for mineral makeup.
Our mineral makeup is not a medical.
In the presence of skin disorders (such as acne moderate and severe degrees of severity, seborrhea, dermatitis, etc.) before using consult your doctor. The full composition of our cosmetics specified in the description of each item.

Additional Policies and FAQs
ADVANTAGES 100% mineral makeup:
- minerals suitable for all ages and skin types, including sensitive and problematic, and even after laser resurfacing or surgery;
- skin looks like more natural, well-groomed and young at the same time with the help of minerals can perfectly hide imperfections such as wrinkles, scars, rosacea, rosacea;
- minerals do not clog pores and allow the skin to breathe, mineral makeup can even sleep;
- Mineral Makeup is splendidly and in the heat and cold, and during the day, the solid particles of minerals can not simply melt away;
- minerals are not toxic to the skin or to the environment;
- minerals soothe the skin, they never cause chemical reactions on the skin and therefore the risk of allergic reactions to them is minimal;
- minerals are inorganic, so there is no need to add preservatives to increase their shelf life;
- minerals provide protection from ultraviolet radiation and the adverse effects of the environment - one of the main causes of skin aging and protect against dust and various micro traumas;
- at the expense of a thin but dense coating the skin with minerals less moisture evaporates from the surface of the skin;
- Mineral Cosmetics requires much less than traditional, more economical.
If mineral makeup correctly chosen, and if properly applied its special brushes, you sure are converted, and it noticed by others.


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