7 chikra pyramids for Feng shui, vaastu and for meditation 6 inches


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7 chikra pyramids for Feng shui, vaastu and for meditation 6 inches


This is lite wight 7 units wooden pyramid made up of 4 MM thick Medium density board laminated with acrylic colored glossy sheet precisely made as a replica of the Great pyramid at Giza with slope angel being 51.51 Degree or 51.83 with this package you will get 7 Pares of the chikra Pyramids. you can select 4 inches or 6 inches.

Colours of Pyramids, direction to place and it's uses:-

1. *Color* Yellow
*Direction* North East
*Uses* stimulates brain cells, clarity in thoughts, patience, wisdom, memory power, optimism, development, spirituality, wisdom and study.
*Chakra* Solar plexus chakra
*Cures Physical and mental problems* Addiction, lack of self control, ulcers, poor digestion, gas, Diabetes, asthma, arthritis, kidney and liver problem, weight fluctuations.

2. *Color* Orange
*Direction* East
*Uses* spirituality, communication power, positivity, cheerfulness, interaction, purity, strength, health, authority, good self-esteem.
*Chakra* Sacral Chakra
*Cure physical and mental problems* unemotional, insecurity, inability to cope changes, constipation, back pain, urinary infection, kidney infection, gynec problem, infertility, jealousy, fear, detachment, depression.

3. *Color* Green
*Direction* North
*Uses* Health, Growth, Success, peace, harmony, calm down, new ideas, studies, intelligence, wealth, Abundance, communication.
*Chakra* Heart chakra
*Cure physical and mental problems* loneliness, shyness, social anxiety, holding grudges, suspicion in friendship and relationships, poor blood circulations, heart troubles, respiratory, asthma.

4. *Color* Red
*Direction* South
*Uses* Power, vitality, zest, energizes mood,
passion, desire, excitement, taking action and aggression.
*Chakra* Root chakra
*Cures Physical and mental problems* lack of focus, codependent, restlessness, sciatica, hypertension, impotence, colitis, eating disorders, prostate issues in men, depression, guilt, resentness.

5. *Color* Dark Blue
*Direction* West
*Uses* Satisfaction, maturity, diligence, grounding, keeps away negative people and negative thoughts, back talking, karma.
*Chakra* Throat chakra
*Cures Physical and mental problems* chronic sore throat, frequent headaches, dental issues, mouth ulcers, thyroid, neck pain, fear of speaking, shyness, stubbornness, detachment.

6. *Color* Magenta
*Direction* Near your bed
*Uses* love, compassion, kindness, cooperation, self respect.
*Chakra* crown chakra
*Cure physical and mental problems* lack of direction, self love, disconnected with self and others, neuro problem, nerve pain, Alzheimer, migraine, insomnia, depression .

7. *Color* light Pink
*Direction* South East or at the entrance of Bedroom.
*Uses* love, passion , pleasure, luxury, compassion.
*Chakra* heart chakra and upper heart chakra
*Cure physical and mental problems* love of oneself, affection, inner peace, giving and receiving care, comforting feelings.

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