8 units chikra pyramids for Feng shui, vaastu and meditation 12inches


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8 units chikra pyramids for Feng shui, vaastu and meditation 12inches


This is lite wight 8 units wooden pyramid made up of 4 MM thick Medium density board laminated with acrylic colored mat finish sheet precisely made as a replica of the Great pyramid at Giza with slope angel being 51.51 Degree or 51.83 with this package you will get 8 Pares of the chikra Pyramids and one wall mounting bracket

Colours of Pyramids, direction to place and it's uses:-

1. *Color* white
*Direction* North West
*Uses* Purity, peace of mind, inspiration and harmony.
*Chakra* 3rd eye chakra.
*Cures Physical and mental problems* dizziness, headache, brain health, anxiety, depression, judgemental, concentration,

2. *Color* Yellow
*Direction* North East
*Uses* stimulates brain cells, clarity in thoughts, patience, wisdom, memory power, optimism, development, spirituality, wisdom and study.
*Chakra* Solar plexus chakra
*Cures Physical and mental problems* Addiction, lack of self control, ulcers, poor digestion, gas, Diabetes, asthma, arthritis, kidney and liver problem, weight fluctuations.

3. *Color* Orange
*Direction* East
*Uses* spirituality, communication power, positivity, cheerfulness, interaction, purity, strength, health, authority, good self-esteem.
*Chakra* Sacral Chakra
*Cure physical and mental problems* unemotional, insecurity, inability to cope changes, constipation, back pain, urinary infection, kidney infection, gynec problem, infertility, jealousy, fear, detachment, depression.

4. *Color* Green
*Direction* North
*Uses* Health, Growth, Success, peace, harmony, calm down, new ideas, studies, intelligence, wealth, Abundance, communication.
*Chakra* Heart chakra
*Cure physical and mental problems* loneliness, shyness, social anxiety, holding grudges, suspicion in friendship and relationships, poor blood circulations, heart troubles, respiratory, asthma.

5. *Color* Red
*Direction* South
*Uses* Power, vitality, zest, energizes mood,
passion, desire, excitement, taking action and aggression.
*Chakra* Root chakra
*Cures Physical and mental problems* lack of focus, codependent, restlessness, sciatica, hypertension, impotence, colitis, eating disorders, prostate issues in men, depression, guilt, resentness.

6. *Color* Dark Blue
*Direction* West
*Uses* Satisfaction, maturity, diligence, grounding, keeps away negative people and negative thoughts, back talking, karma.
*Chakra* Throat chakra
*Cures Physical and mental problems* chronic sore throat, frequent headaches, dental issues, mouth ulcers, thyroid, neck pain, fear of speaking, shyness, stubbornness, detachment.

7. *Color* Magenta
*Direction* Near your bed
*Uses* love, compassion, kindness, cooperation, self respect.
*Chakra* crown chakra
*Cure physical and mental problems* lack of direction, self love, disconnected with self and others, neuro problem, nerve pain, Alzheimer, migraine, insomnia, depression .

8. *Color* light Pink
*Direction* South East or at the entrance of Bedroom.
*Uses* love, passion , pleasure, luxury, compassion.
*Chakra* heart chakra and upper heart chakra
*Cure physical and mental problems* love of oneself, affection, inner peace, giving and receiving care, comforting feelings.

How to use this pyramids:-

1. For Vastu you just need to place this in particular direction mentioned under it's color.

2. For Healing purpose you have to keep it on particular chakra and effected area.

3. For Meditation purpose you need to hold the particular color pyramid and concentrate on that particular chakra. For example if Healing solar plexus chakra, hold yellow color pyramid on palms and concentrate on solar chakra on body for 10 to 15 mins.

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Color: Copper

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