Pi Yao charm natural jade pendant amulet pendant

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Pi Yao charm natural jade pendant amulet pendant


Dragon have nine sons , sub-sub is different, brave is the ninth son of the dragon . According to legend, is a ferocious auspicious brave, this beast is divided into male and female , the male is a "PI" woman "show ." Brave hairless , no scales , no asshole , so there " not only enter, said:" The brave eldest son angle and double angle , it looks mighty , ferocious , like the monster 's blood and into wealth . So , as they brave the town house feng shui evil , satisfied fetish financial enrichment wide range of applications . Brave is rich foods are satisfied with the financial impact of the Quartet .
( A ) on a brave career help : in man wearing a brave Mets placed in families, companies or institutions generally partial financial career. As the longest common are: marketing, gaming , real estate , stocks, futures , finance , foreign exchange, gambling , horse racing and other industries.
( B) The Brave Category: In ancient times, this auspicious into a corner or corners , as " evil ," the four corners of the " Tian Lu " , then there is no change in dynasty into a corner after corner or corner . Mainly attributable to the corner dominant . More unified form of courage, if short wings , horns, prehensile tail , mane must often associated with chest or neck, bulging eyes , long fangs , and other more common now spread to more than one brave horned , long tail. Brave long mane roll with wings ( meaning " The Apprentice" ) . Tail hair tendrils , toting ingot , bats , ( meaning " full blessing" ) . Body with flame retardant ( meaning " booming " ) . There are palm-leaf fan , dragon tiger, turtles and other years .
District ( 3 ) Brave Son: In the South , people generally like to be called here, there are many ancient Chinese compatriots many years ago , a "brave " in the ocean, go into exile "brave . ." They started from scratch , to the billionaire. This eventually forced the brave.
(Iv ) materials and courageous effects:
A metal : copper brave generally more common , simple processes and materials , shapes older , so the price is relatively cheap.
Second, the wood : the old mansion doors will use some good wood carving brave, placed on the beams and the ridge, used to block the evil spirits of the external solutions , and eliminate the disaster TOEFL intended.
Third, Jade : Jade has all just Reiki , courage and jade , more fortunate evil influence . First, most people carry a brave little pieces of jade , in order to protect their bodies . In fact, the brave carved yellow firefly is the best treasure of the town house . Queen 's former royal color is yellow , so it's really brave yellow dragon symbol. May be your family and business was flourishing , kid cute , fortune !

Brave the five auspicious ancient China, it was also called as one of the evil spirits , the town house is a symbol of a good article and wealth. Jade Pi Xiu pendant, adapted at the waist , a pretty package decoration, also suitable for making the car flat Anbao Fu pendants worn . Placed at home , you can make a home run well, good luck to strengthen rid of evil , there is the effect of the town house , into a family , the patron saint of security and peace of the family.
There fortune brave, Caiyunhengtong significance. Reiki is brave , it is best to do jade, jade born , because the spirit of the brave beast , born more mischievous and courageous to go through the opening , in order to maximize , or just as a decorative effect , the figure was lucky Cui Fei waterfall courageous, precise and delicate colors oily smooth, vivid, warm jade , transparent, full head , carving delicate, realistic, three-dimensional feeling good , feeling great luck . Play or collection , the big moneymaker , rain luck , is the best choice to give as gifts collection ! .
Product Details
Shape / model :/ Charm / Pendant
Material / Gem: Purple
Class / Type : 100% A grade / A type / A level
Shipping / Handling : Standard international shipping ( 10-18 days for delivery )
Refractive index: 1.66 to 1.67
Specific gravity: 3.33 to 3.34
Colors and varieties: purple,
Luster: vitreous luster
Surface texture : COFCO
Condition: Excellent
Accessories: adjustable rope necklace
Freight Policy
According chargeable weight ( NW ) , transport / handle for charging , billing weight is listed in the item description , the ratio S / H in the table below
EMS: Express Mail Service , it takes 4-8 days to USA, Canada, UK, Australia and other places , S / H, and various other counties
Standard Shipping : 10-18 days worldwide package less than 2 kg. Other countries, S / H in the United States different cost than 2 kg bag
Registered ( free online tracking number )
All our packages by registered mail with online tracking number / , I'm sorry , we do not send packages unregistered .
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Color: Grey

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jfw521180346161 on Mar 5, 2021
2 stars

Order on 2/8/21, money charged, didn't receive my order and never response any email.
Leia0887 on Sep 1, 2018
1 stars

I just received my order and I am very disappointed !! First the pendant is not exactly like the picture : position, details and specially delicacy !! Secondly the necklace is not the same ever ! just few pearls, just a cordon ! I understand better the attractive price...
MStrinado on May 24, 2017
5 stars

Most excellent! Thank-you!
Tzipora396277 on Oct 1, 2016
2 stars

The beads I bought were open carving more rounded beads. Got different beads not as nice and not open carving. The jade is dyed not natural color. At least he sent me a nice sterling necklace with it, maybe because he knew it is not what I paid for.
Patron227988 on Sep 29, 2013
4 stars

Pendants are works of art.

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