6 mm multicolored popcorn crystal beads, 108 bracelet


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6 mm multicolored popcorn crystal beads, 108 bracelet


Effectiveness of various crystals

(A). Amethyst represents a high level, spirituality, spiritual love, as an admirer of the token, token.
(2) It has been owned by the amethyst and evil thing, because people believe it can drive away demons and enhanced personal luck. Amethyst eyebrows, because the corresponding round and top round, has developed two famous third eye between the eyebrows, it can stimulate the brain, stimulates creativity, thereby increasing confidence, feelings between man and woman has a great to promote the role and relationships, as well as the wearer's own emotional stability and the role of families, like the prodigal son shopping can inhibit impulses reach stingy to give financial purposes.
(3). Amethyst can eliminate domineering, bringing extravagance, strengthen and generous heart, tolerance, most conducive to leadership skills, and enhance the popularity and promote interpersonal relationships, but also allows subordinates to sacrifice their lives for you, and scientific traditions. " because of expensive assets. " Meaning.
(4) so that children wear amethyst jewelry, helps to soothe the fun, playful heart, develop wisdom, to strengthen memory and attention, trying to learn and improve their exam.
(5) different shades of purple light may correspond eyebrow round and top round, is said to enhance memory and attention on aging and improve the role of the brain lesions, headaches, migraines and other symptoms also have a soothing effect.
(6) The Amethyst Geode, Amethyst flowers placed in the home, offices, shops, walkways end of the line, to attract wealth, popularity, this is the full meaning.
(7) When the room feng shui is found to be red, there is evil in the case, then the crystal ball in front of Amethyst Geode, is placed in the red evil act on the road, have washed Salpuli role.
White Crystal:
(A) primary health, physical, mental and emotional balance, helps to focus on their family's health of tremendous help.
(2) can be placed on the table white crystal will help children improve concentration and memory, thereby improving academic performance.
(3) white crystal pendant, the most balanced energy, when the "amulet", "symbol of peace" best.
(4) will be placed on Whitewater druse party committee and government's financial position, the air can make strong contributions to wealth, wealth.
(5) will be placed in charge of Whitewater druse right rear, helps build credibility, according to the command to execute, rather than delay, perfunctory.
(6) For indoor and outdoor ghost, you can put the relative crystal ball or crystal pillar, can effectively resolve the red evil.
(7) In the book table, office desk, according to "the left circle" or "front rounded rear" principle, the crystal ball and petanque allotment option, you can harass anti-villain, on the other hand life skills to enable them to can be more harmonious.
(8) used to display Whitewater boules Star of David can be used for various visualization, the effect of the most ambitious.

Pink crystal:
(A) help improve impatient, outspoken personality and lack of patience, enhanced affinity, improve relationships, and to love.
(2) The husband and wife often quarrel between husband and wife, pique, wearing pink, will help to improve the relationship between the two, and many places in the bedroom, helping to create a tender, warm and loving little world .
(3) In any enterprise, invested a large variety of powders, guests can compare security spending power reduced alertness of mind and preparation.
(4) in the shop, you can powder out the financial position of the Star of David, is conducive to attracting guests spending.
(5) to go out of business, wear pink, but also helps to strengthen customer relationships, improve affinity, promote business success.

(A) help improve blood issues, promote blood circulation, enhance vitality, in turn, can get cosmetic effect is beautiful female favorite choice.
(2) help to improve the reproductive system function, enhance the body's ability to regenerate and accelerate wound healing.
(3) For the often stays up late, overtime and night shift worker fatigue, can actively recuperate.

(A) the green light is lucky universe, the human heart chakra is green. Thus, a variety of green crystal stone represents "Fortune Crystal" is widely wealth, including all of good luck, good chance, good friends, elegant aid, etc., green is also known as the "positive earnings", which means that we work hard to obtain lawful remuneration, unlike unearned, windfall "fiscal side." For fun, looking for money, the best results;
(2) is said to be the use of green or pink shade treatment heartache, heart disease, high blood pressure, difficulty breathing, nervousness, insomnia, anger, paranoia, cancer, especially cancer treatment is best to use green. Generally, white light can be used to treat any disease, but white is too nourishing, will fatten cancer cells, only the green light to select only healthy cells supply nutrients. As the green center of the spectrum is the most balanced color. Under pressure, holding a green body phantom meditation can ease the tension relaxed;
(3). Green corresponds to the heart chakra Mirage, helping to eliminate their feelings, worries, unhappiness, return to a good mood;
(4). Wear ghost or placed eyebrows meditation 3-5 minutes a day to help bring good luck, hope to reach;
(5) friends want to find big money, multi-Phantom Star of David, sooner or later proper meditation can help achieve the aspirations;
(6). Contains red, green, white, purple, or a variety of different objects without names dispatch vision crystal, can be used to absorb the disease gas, sewage, chemical impulses, Salpuli, unknown if anyone has symptoms, even doctors helpless They can try to improve the crystal visions, including careless frightened, Zhuangxie other events.
(7) The following three red phantom crystal is beneficial to the human body, can improve routine gynecological diseases and colds, headaches, stomach aches and other diseases, but also to improve relationships, enhance inclusive, compassionate, warm personality nature.
Hair crystal:
Titanium crystal, blond:
Titanium Crystal: needle or plate titanium minerals hair is titanium oxide crystal shiny gold, now is the most precious crystal, likable, but extremely rare in appearance, but also the highest on the market Crystal prices.
Blonde: wool or golden blonde hair like the hair more rounded body, slim and more.
(A). Partial financial wealth are being recruited, energy exceptionally strong! Can be used as amulets, lucky charms to use, in particular, often work at night, or a variety of miscellaneous heavy gas air sick people say, medical facilities, special business premises, etc., there are evil spirits defense, good luck, some low-level mental or witchcraft interference, also addressed the role.
(2). Right indecisive, hesitant, weak-minded people of courage, but also to strengthen its decisive decision-making, and increased courage, courage function, especially leaders often make decisions or senior management, wearing titanium crystal, and close to the sun gear, will be more of a leadership decision-making ability, under the leadership together to create a new, extraordinary achievements in their career success!
(3). Ears too soft, too soft-hearted, and often can not help others pleading, begging, contrary to their own interests commitment, a person, or confusing others sweet man, wearing a blonde helping to strengthen their position, practical, easily deceived.
(4) corresponds to the yellow shade sun wheel that helps the stomach and other digestive organs, stomach, duodenum, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and even skin, diaphragm (respiratory system) have helped.
2 Green hair crystal:
Green hair green hair crystal is not common minerals, but Yang (Yang), suggests that the effectiveness of Viagra for men.
(1) Green hair crystal corresponds to the heart chakra, helps to stimulate the ambition to accept the challenge, creating a new situation.
(2) Green hair crystal can provoke Ching-choi, you can make a successful career, to enhance opportunities for salary advancement; unemployed people can easily find a good job.
(3) For those who often go out, personal wearing green hair crystal, helping to bring good luck, good opportunity.
(4). If sexual dysfunction male friends, green hair crystal containing yang energy applications, to improve their skills.
3 red hair crystal:
Mesh rutile hairs gently wrap, also known as red rabbit hair crystal, or needle-like rutile, alias "Venus crystal", like the red-haired beauty hair.
(A). Female friend physical weakness, blood does not transfer, it is recommended to wear a lot of red hair crystal to complement the next three years (round, umbilical round, the sun gear) energy.
(2). Enough warm, generous, active or frigidity female friends, a lot of red hair, wearing crystals to help enhance their vitality, charm and affinity.
(3). Corresponding wheel, the Netherlands, and facilitate the adjustment of the Mongolian women to help the reproductive system, treatment of gynecological diseases, only by the pain, blood disorders reconcile the Netherlands and Mongolia, have the effect of menopausal women. Treatment of sexual dysfunction, infertility, menopause, weakness, low blood pressure, skin not shiny, fragile stimulation.
(4) For the male friends, red and black light can cope with wheels, the male prostate and testicles and other related reproductive system, the bladder, the nervous system can also help, help to enhance male vitality!
4 Black Crystal:
Black hair-like needle-like inclusions or material, mostly composed of black tourmaline, looks very cool and modern!
(A). Corresponding chakra, the gas can be made to the next three years. Yongnaoguodu office workers often creative professionals, have a good balancing effect.
(2). Who wear black crystal stone, also known as the leader of his superiors to increase charm, so centripetal force deployed to strengthen and help the cause of development and growth.
(3). Black is a very good defensive crystal evil, absorbing gas spar disease can be an effective talisman, absorb all the negative energy, anti-witch curse, black magic and so on.
Black tourmaline (black tourmaline):
Black tourmaline seems dark and deep.
(1) can effectively eliminate stress, fatigue, sewage, improve physical health, improve luck.
(2) For the scary, night, black tourmaline placed in the field of energy space, a stabilizing effect, and can ward off evil nightmare.
(3) to help protect patients from outside interference, to concentrate on rest and recuperation, and increase the speed of recovery.
Blue Tourmaline (blue tourmaline):
Blue tourmaline is quite rare, precious stones, corresponding to the throat chakra and the third eye, the main communication and sensitivity.
(1) can effectively enhance communication skills, presentation skills and ability to persuade.
(2) is too generous, generous, generous, passionate people, careless easily used by others caused his own hurt, wearing a blue tourmaline can balance this personality.
3 green tourmaline (tourmaline):
Green Tourmaline heart chakra corresponds, is a people happy, pleased and satisfied stones, also known as the stone of the wealth.
(1) green light light wealth, can make people feel happy, and gas wealth.
(2) Green likely to help friends, good relationships, good luck, but also easy to get superiors appreciated and honored to help.
(3) the ability to help eliminate heart problems, depressed and unhappy, bring true happiness, joy, depression, autism or easily self-denial, particularly effective.
(4) For the weak things, the heart unwilling to accept who helped find work fun, and ready to work, go all out to get the satisfaction of self-realization. **
Rose (red tourmaline, pink tourmaline):
Red tourmaline colors are widely distributed, a few more colors, such as ruby crimson, pink and pink between, like its energy, enthusiasm, lively, cheerful, comfortable, corresponding to the heart chakra, very likable.
(A). Tourmaline Rose gift to the opposite sex, is a sign of affection, a good way to capture the other atrium; wear rose tourmaline is also easy to provoke wonderful love, the ideal companion; feelings between husband and wife, or to make more intensive .
(2) When a person some of your prejudices and help improve relations between them; when you're with other people than indifference estranged relationship, it can enhance each other's popularity; same time, help to eliminate a cold heart, aloof, eccentric, and a variety of abnormal psychology, it is easy to get along.
(3) often need to deal with the public or people who work to help distribute personal charisma, improve leadership qualities will naturally attract more popular, to get people's support.
(4) For the beauty of the ladies that have the effect of beauty.
5 Watermelon Tourmaline (watermelon tourmaline):
Watermelon tourmaline is a spar inside and outside features long red blue green that looks exactly like watermelon tourmaline, because that name, the number of rare, so the price is more expensive, reportedly placed under the pillow to sleep Empress watermelon tourmaline.
(A). Helps to eliminate all conflicts heart, contradictory and complicated that people can have a happy, happy mood.
(2). The complex relationships of life, feelings of people to help resolve the conflict of interest or conflict of myth, and saw the truth of men and women passionate, melodramatic, often emotional entanglements, help freed from multiple relationships, make their own peace of mind, but also find true love.
(3) public relations officer, clerk, clerk, receptionist, wearing watermelon tourmaline helps both ways, smooth and slick, easy to promote their business and to strengthen communication and coordination to deal with complex situations in order to obtain satisfactory results.
(A). Wear peridot, helps bring good luck energy, easy to make friends, there are elegant aid, access to better opportunities.
(2). Peridot jewelry to wear, help strengthen their aura, energy field, you can ward off evil spirits and sorcerers and to prevent malicious attacks, is a good talisman.
(3). Peridot green light, the light is an asset that helps to attract wealth energy.
(4). Helps to eliminate tension, irritability, depression negative energy, bringing fresh, happy energy, soothe nerves, sitting calm sleep.
(5). Mature personality, right to face life's challenges, and can stimulate people's ambitions, adventurous, create a new situation.
(A). Helps to eliminate the mystery of brain thinking, to see the truth, rather than confusion in appearance to gain true knowledge, accessible wisdom.
(2) can eliminate bad eloquent problems, bringing warmth, compassion, joy, happiness and rich spiritual sense of humor.
(3). Ladies wear Zian dragon crystal jewelry, to help bring noble, elegant, Yung Wing's extraordinary temperament, as well as compassion, tolerance.
(4). Charoite carved statues, after appropriate openings, the highest spiritual, mental strongest.
(A). Pei Daihai sapphire jewelry across the seas, is said to have a quiet, safe journey roles are sailors, fishermen, crew, pilots, as well as the best long-distance travelers amulet.
(2) to establish a solid blue energy field, anger and prestige momentum, leaders can play a greater influence and help command team.
(3). Excessive reliance on others' feelings, emotions vulnerable people who can balance their emotions, free from outside influence, easy retreat failure of people have firm confidence, strengthen the function of self-confidence that you can face up to any conditions, do not panic.
(4) When the confusion and disarray clue, when the brain, helps cleanse the energy recovery new thinking, engaged in the creation, creative people working to help restore a lot of inspiration, Evans Quan.
(5). Helps reduce colds respiratory irritation, inflammation and mild toothache.
(A). Obsidian's energy is very staunch, strong, evil tools are best, the best, wear obsidian amulet, talisman.
(2). Obsidian corresponding wheel, the body can effectively eliminate the negative energy and promote new energy, helps to eliminate fatigue, stress, headaches, absorption, excluding physical disease gas, sewage, and quickly regain their strength and improve frail shortage, improve physical vitality and stamina is to protect the health of the most precious gems, the unfortunate people, mostly aggregate too, the body can effectively absorb and convert the total to improve luck, and enhanced ghost interference intrusion defense capabilities.
(3) at home, the room is quiet, often by different mental disturbance, which can be in every corner of the house, tables, windows, bed, bed, bed and elsewhere to a variety of obsidian columns, pyramids, balls, etc. . More blocks Obsidian town house role.
(4). If the feng shui problems need to be addressed Ecuador evil system, it is recommended that the Star of David with obsidian, you need to work at night or often need to catch the night road, you can effectively prevent various Zhuangxie, hell, and other supernatural events.
(A). Citrine jewelry to wear, is a good talisman, amulets.
(2) will be worn on the left hand citrine, help filter fit body, symptoms of the disease.
(3) in the busy work to help clear your mind, you can see a complex situation, the most effective, most direct reflection and processing.
(4). Miss Huang Jing, you can use to adjust gynecological diseases, enhance chakra, but also can enhance the strength, vitality and libido.
Tiger Eye:
(A). Often think of many plans, but never put into action, it is recommended to wear Tiger Eye jewelry, can evoke confidence, courage and ability to execute.
(2) For the qi and blood timid, afraid to face the reality of people, you can enhance the body's vitality and energy, and enhance self-confidence, the courage to accept the difficulties and challenges encountered difficulties for those who insist on helping to re-examine the situation and make a clear judgment, and to take decisive action.
(3) For the fear of darkness, timid, afraid to walk at night who can strengthen the gas field, the guts, you can get rid of evil spirits.
(4). Golden tiger's eye is a symbol of wealth and help provoke unexpected wealth or partial financial.
(A). Citrine and amethyst function, you can provoke partial wealth, but also stingy, enhance luck, improve relationships and develop wisdom, the details can be found in the spirit of citrine and amethyst role.
(2) is thought to exist in two spar the same color, so that the wearer can also mean extra tolerance in complex relationships and unfriendly environment, you can calmly comfortable around coordination and dispute resolution .
(3) corresponds to the yellow shade sun wheel that helps the stomach and other digestive organs, stomach, duodenum, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and even skin, diaphragm (respiratory system) helps the aging brain lesions and improve the role of headache , migraine headaches and other symptoms also have a soothing effect.
(4) different shades of purple light may correspond eyebrow round and top round, is said to enhance memory and attention in order to help their exams.
Whitewater druse:
(1) can be used for another crystal, amulets, lucky charms purification, charging the ideal tool.
(2). Placed in the red evil bit or other appropriate location, you can quickly add and enhance their energy gas field, is to resist external feng shui energy flow from the fundamental solution.
(3). Families, companies, shops to increase wealth, it can be placed Whitewater druse's financial position, the catalytic effect of wealth, especially in the delivery, but no hair, no hair hair has been very hard, but there is no reward situation .
(4). Temple, God placed a large audience Whitewater druse, a powerful energy field, so that the power of the deities of the resonance, more prominent God; white crystal clusters stage in the temple of God, you can pray.
(5) If the residential improper transportation can also be placed in the relevant Whitewater druse bad gas side, dead air side, especially the government's fiscal position, Ding bit, Wenchang and other important directions poorly designed, toilets, storage or stacking debris, then strong airflow, keep the family wealth, Wenchang transportation, wealth is still flourishing.
(6) can be used as the best degaussing household goods, effectively reducing the electrical effects of radiation and protect people's safety and health.
Amethyst Geode:
(1) can be used for another crystal, amulets, lucky charms purification, charging the ideal tool.
(2) can be placed in the aisle after entering Amethyst Geode, travel or move the line at the end of the financial position parties absorption, gathered popularity, wealth effect. At the junction of two walls of the house, and often gas gathering points, placing Amethyst Geode allow the accumulation of gas is stable, concentrated and refined. Reporter Placement direction against the current direction.
(3) will be placed in Amethyst Geode party's financial situation, you can continue to make money of the time, deepening earned wealth, better long-term preservation, has accumulated rich, especially has to make money, to continue to profit.
(4) will be placed in the Crawford bit Amethyst Geode, the product of long-term benefits, Nader, for the whole family cumulative Crawford.
(5) If the red road, corner of evil, etc., can be the source of the hole, may have absorbed the role of the crystal ball in the hole, you can evil spirits, the advantages of obstacles; occurs while the room door, the door can be placed in the elders can minimize conflicts.
(6) students in reading, placed in Wenchang Amethyst Geode help test operation, promotion, and very honored to be able to help.
(7) business premises need to strengthen interpersonal relationships, crab along can be placed in the D position, Amethyst Geode, financial condition parties may contribute to this goal.
(8). For the opening of the Amethyst Geode, housewarming gift, can be installed seats and settled meaning, but in the town house, keep, gathered extravagance, Wenchang peak effect; colleagues conducted publicity, promotion, but also sent Amethyst Geode better, there help to enhance the fame, more respect, forward and up, a stable, until the ceiling significance.
Pink chalcedony:
(A). Chalcedony is representative of the moon, has a close relationship with water, so that, in order to prevent drowning and accidents, to avoid the intrusion of witchcraft.
(2). Romans thought they could wear chalcedony Maintenance evil, peace, avoiding some of the negative energy damage, frequent travel, go out people are pretty good amulet.
(3) According to foreign literature, chalcedony can reduce eye problems, gall bladder, liver, bladder, bones and blood circulation system can also help.
(4) said pregnant women can relieve pain, promote the effectiveness of lactation, if the ultraviolet light irradiating UV light or indigo, about 30 minutes, to improve energy chalcedony lot.
(5). Pink chalcedony heart chakra corresponding increase Yixing Yuan, provoking wonderful love, and can provoke a good popularity, popularity, spiritual influence other similar same powder.
Blue Chalcedony:
(A). Chalcedony is representative of the moon, has a close relationship with water, so that, in order to prevent drowning and accidents, to avoid the intrusion of witchcraft.
(2). Romans thought they could wear chalcedony Maintenance evil, peace, avoiding some of the negative energy damage, frequent travel, go out people are pretty good amulet.
(3) According to foreign literature, chalcedony can reduce eye problems, gall bladder, liver, bladder, bones and blood circulation system can also help.
(4) said pregnant women can relieve pain, promote the effectiveness of lactation, if the ultraviolet light irradiating UV light or indigo, about 30 minutes, to improve energy chalcedony lot.
(5) corresponds to the throat chakra blue chalcedony, increase self-expression and communication skills.
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Handmade: Yes
Condition: New
Material: colorful popcorn
Size: diameter of each bead 6mm
Weight Approx. 100 g
Chargeable Weight 200 g (S / H fee calculation)
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Shipping Policy: Standard international shipping :10-18 days to deliver to you
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Colorful popcorn crystal

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Leia0887 on Sep 1, 2018
1 stars

I just received my order and I am very disappointed !! First the pendant is not exactly like the picture : position, details and specially delicacy !! Secondly the necklace is not the same ever ! just few pearls, just a cordon ! I understand better the attractive price...
MStrinado on May 24, 2017
5 stars

Most excellent! Thank-you!
Tzipora396277 on Oct 1, 2016
2 stars

The beads I bought were open carving more rounded beads. Got different beads not as nice and not open carving. The jade is dyed not natural color. At least he sent me a nice sterling necklace with it, maybe because he knew it is not what I paid for.
Patron227988 on Sep 29, 2013
4 stars

Pendants are works of art.

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