Phase 5 Tribal Tea Soap-Free Facial Rejuvenation Set (Dry, Sensitive)


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Phase 5 Tribal Tea Soap-Free Facial Rejuvenation Set (Dry, Sensitive)


Phase 5 Tribal Tea Soap-Free Facial Rejuvenation Set - Normal/Sensitive/Dry Skin Types

The facial wash in this set is best suited for normal to sensitive and/or dry, anti-aging skin types. If your skin is abnormally dry or aggressively oily/congested, please contact our aesthetician via email at to schedule your skin consultation. It is our aim to help you make the best product selections and develop a positively healthy skin regimen.

This customizable herbal facial spa set includes one (1) each of the following items:
Cleanser: 1 - Tribal Tea Cleanser - 3oz
Exfoliate: 1 - Herbal Fields Skin Slough - Normal/Dry -4oz
Moisturizing Toner: 1 - Herbal Fields Skin Cooler - Normal/Dry - 4oz

The Tribal Tea Soap-Free Facial Rejuvenation Set for Normal/Dry/Sensitive and Anti-Aging Focused skin is an all-natural at-home spa optimizing system that effectively nourishes skin through the usage of indigenous botanicals and customized herbal complexes to achieve maximum skin benefits of lipid replenishment, restoration and rejuvenation with coconut oil, grape seed, almond oil, shea butter, burdock root, melaleuca and raw honey. Each of our recipes are absolutely concentrated plant and mineral-based and are always alcohol and paraben free.

Our newest recipe for delicate facial cells, Tribal Tea Cleanser, serves as an facial cleanser and makeup remover. This gentle, antioxidant-rich facial cleanser can be utilized daily as an anti-aging friendly cleansing formula for normal, dry, sensitive, and rosacea-affected skin types. It has been paired with the customizable Herbal Fields Skin Slough, a grainy oat, rice and pot marigold exfoliate that combines well with grape seed, aloe, water, raw honey, and/or coconut milk to gently cleanse and remove dead skin cells and debris from skin. Once skin is rinsed, apply the all-natural toning and moisturizing solution of aloe, witch hazel and burdock, Herbal Fields Skin Cooler. For skin that requires deep moisturization, integrate a small amount of our 100% Natural Grapeseed Butter into your regimen as a finishing skin optimization tool.

Clean skin that naturally breathes is what the world needs...This is a Divine gift of spa that's artistic, ecological, economical, and all about the application of our earthen elements with at-home ease...

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PLEASE NOTE:ALL PENDING LATE JULY-EARLY AUGUST ORDERS WILL BE ON A 2-3 WEEK HIATUS AND WILL BE SHIPPED BY MID-AUGUST 2015. I am in the process of moving into a new space with a bigger kitchen on August 1!!! With this said, product formulation for all pending orders will resume in a couple weeks (early-mid August) and will be promptly shipped as soon as the new Honeysuckle Moon Apothecary Kitchen/Healing Laboratory is in tact. New Products arriving soon, too! Thank you fofr the continuous Love and Support...


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