Black Tea Soap - Facial and Mild Eczema Care, Sensitive Skin Blend 8oz


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Black Tea Soap - Facial and Mild Eczema Care, Sensitive Skin Blend 8oz


This plant-based facial wash recipe is best suited for mildly combination to sensitive combination skin types. If your skin is abnormally dry or aggressively oily/congested, please contact our aesthetician via email at to schedule your skin consultation. It is our aim to help you make the best product selections and develop a positively healthy skin regimen.

Plantain ashes, cocoa pod and palm kernel oil are infused with the aboriginal healing properties of melaleuca (tea tree) for a naturally exfoliating, effective cleansing skin effect. Black Tea Soap Sensitive Skin is excellent as a daily facial wash and basic body cleansing for normal to mildly combination to sensitive and/or combination skin types to address mild-moderate acne and hyperpigmentation (dark spots). It serves the skin as an effective, natural shaving soap, too. Washing natural heads of hair with this is an option, however, our herbal shampoo recipe, DredHead Tea Soap is the better option due to its clarifying, hair and scalp-focused herbal complex, activated with burdock root and sage. BLACK TEA SOAP IS A PLANT-BASED LIQUID HERBAL ANTISEPTIC, ANTIBACTERIAL, ANTIFUNGAL SOAP RECIPE WHICH RINSES CLEAN WITHOUT THE RESIDUAL LEFT ON SKIN LIKE HARSH BAR SOAPS.
Words of power for this recipe are...Natural, Vegetarian, Facial Soap, Skin Cleanser, Melaleuca, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Acne, Eczema, Herbal

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

The years of my life are being measured in small batches... Welcome to honeysuckle Moon! This is the original blend of Black Tea Soap. It has a crafting life of 5 years, respectively. Families are utilizing this handcrafted, herb-infused recipe of raw, Afrikan Black Soap to maintain the health of skin by decreasing the adverse bacteria, fungi and environmental debris the skin may come into contact with. Normal, slightly dry, sensitive and/or combination skin types which seek the daily benefit of a herbal facial cleanser have all trusted and greatly benefited from this fine recipe.

Materials Used

Raw Black Soap, Melaleauca (tea tree oil), Almond, Herbal Complex

More Info

In the beginning, there was Afrika... And in Afrika, there was Black Soap.

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PLEASE NOTE:ALL PENDING LATE JULY-EARLY AUGUST ORDERS WILL BE ON A 2-3 WEEK HIATUS AND WILL BE SHIPPED BY MID-AUGUST 2015. I am in the process of moving into a new space with a bigger kitchen on August 1!!! With this said, product formulation for all pending orders will resume in a couple weeks (early-mid August) and will be promptly shipped as soon as the new Honeysuckle Moon Apothecary Kitchen/Healing Laboratory is in tact. New Products arriving soon, too! Thank you fofr the continuous Love and Support...


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