BuddyWear WinterWear™ Waterproof suit 4/dogs with a length of 16-17"


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BuddyWear WinterWear™ Waterproof suit 4/dogs with a length of 16-17"


This listing is for a dog with a back length of 16-18" in length. If you need a different size please convo me first and I will make up the correct listing an price for you.

This High Performance fabric will stop all incliment weather in it's tracks. Its waterproof, windproof and sheds dirt and snow. Great suit for tough conditions or when you just want you dog to come home dry after a winter walk.

The suit shown with ribbing at the legs as that is what 90% of my customers request. Cuffs will not only give a professional finish but they will help to keep the cold wind from sneaking in. Cuffs are always an option, if that is your favorite...here at Fur Buddy Products it's YOU, the customer that decides. Hemmed leg openings are also available. This suit can also be made with the head covering snood with toggle, just ask. It will cost an additional 17.00. All these suits are custom made for your dog.

I bought all I could from my supplier but when it's gone it will not return to my shop.

I will take orders for all small dogs from 10" up to 20". I cannot make them smaller then 10" as the material is too thick. The picture is my American Hairless Terrier Tanner.

There are no snaps, Velcro or buckles. It just slips over their head, front legs next, and hind legs last. When it's time to take the jogger off just reverse the process. The chest is made 1 1/2" to 2" larger then measurement to allow the front legs easy entry.

All my seams are serged with a 4 thread. Serged seams are the only way to go with performance fleece with stretch, that is if you want it to last without blowing out a seam. It also finishes the seam with a professional look. The ribbing around the tummy opening helps to keep a snug fit which in turn helps to keep the hind legs in when they lay down.

When you hit the buy button please put the measurements needed in the comment section. If you are new to measuring your dog..I'm just an email away and would be happy to help.

Please include dogs:
1. Length from base of neck to start of tail
2. Chest at deepest point all the way around.
3. Neck in the center all they way around.
4. Height at shoulder
5. Weight
6. Breed
7. Sex

Wash on gentle, tumble dry cool or hang dry.
By making this purchase you agree you have read and understood my shop policy's.

If you need help measuring here are some detailed instructions:

First of all thank you, for taking the time to read this, it will help you get a better fitting garment for your dog or cat. It will also help me during my busy season as I can spend over 2 hours of each day answering questions and trying to get good measurements.

There are just a few parts to getting a good measurement.
1. A soft measuring tape.
2. Patience
3. A relaxed standing dog.
4. More patience.

You wouldn't believe how many times I have gotten emails wanting to know if they can use their metal construction tape and measure their dog while the dog is laying down sleeping.

Ok..back to measuring. I need 1. length 2. chest 3. neck 4. height 5. weight, 6. sex
7. breed. All measurements should be snug but not tight, don't allow extra, I will on my end.

Length This often difficult to explain. It is from the base of the neck to the start of the tail. The base of the neck is usually, depending on size and breed, a couple finger widths in front of the shoulder blades. Another way to "see" the base of neck is to watch your dog when out free in the yard and something catches his attention. Right where the neck takes the natural bend up is the base.

Chest This is an easy one. At the deepest part, just behind the front legs, completely around.

Neck Again, an easy one. Right in the middle, not at the base and not at the ears but smack dab in the middle, all the way around.

Height This one can be a challenge and important but not critical. You take from the top of the shoulder blade to the ground. If you have a light weight straight object you can lay over the shoulder blades across the back you can see the starting point.

Weight Weight helps me put all the puzzle together and know if you are close in the above measurements. Please don't guess, if you haven't gotten a recent weight at the vets office you can use you home scale provided you can pick you dog up. Again this is not critical so if you can't get it and are accurate with the rest I can make your suit.

Sex and Breed Sex helps with knowing how much coverage I can give to the belly and breed helps me know if your measurements are correct.

If you are ordering a winter suit and want the head covering snood with toggle there is one more measurement I will need.

1. Dog must be standing in a relaxed position
2. Must use a soft tape
3. Start at the base of the neck, go up through the ears to the start of the eye.
4. Dog should be holding the head in an natural stance, not hanging down.
5. If you need help to hold the dog still it's best to get an extra set of hands.

A couple more things I would like to mention regarding the fit of your dogs suit.

I like to keep the legs shorter then some of my competitors for a few reasons.

1. It keeps the cuffs and bottom of the legs dryer and cleaner, especially if they potty on wet grass or play in dog parks.
2. It keeps the legs in. When dogs lay down they have the ability to draw their legs up so tight and often if the leg is too long or loose will get tangled up when they go to stand.
3. By the master designer dogs don't loose as much heat the further down the leg you go which helps their wild cousins walk all winter in snow and freezing temps. There is no reason to worry if the leg is not totally covered.

Leg length is an option for you as some of my customers living in extreme conditions want full coverage as they tuck the legs in boots.

All that being said if you want your legs to go to a specific spot just take a good measurement from the center of the back by the shoulder blade to where you want the front sleeve to stop.

I have been sewing for dogs for over 10 years now. Nothing is more satisfying then to know one more fur challenged canine family member is not only a little warmer, but most importantly, comfortable, in their clothing during the cold winter months.

I hope this was clear and easy to understand for all you that are measuring your dog for the first time. I welcome you input if you feel it could be better.

Again, thank you for taking the time to read this.
By making this purchase you agree you have read and understood my shop policy's.
Thank you for stopping by my store,checking out my products, and buying Made in America.
Randi and her 4 canine helpers - Basil, Tanner, Rosie and Nikki.

Product Attributes

Color: Blue

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All Other Countries
First Item: $ 25.00
Additional Items: $ 4.95

First Item: $ 13.95
Additional Items: $ 3.95

United States
First Item: $ 4.95
Additional Items: $ 2.50


Dog clothing is not returnable so please be sure of your size before ordering. If I make a mistake and send you the wrong size I will promptly refund postage of the item to be returned and send out the correct one.

I ship all packages under 13 oz first class. I am not responsible if your package gets lost or delivered to the incorrect address. I will provide you with a tracking number and personally take it to the Post office on my end so I know it's safely in the hands of the USPS. I will say in the 12 years I have been shipping with them they have only lost 2 packages. If you want insurance please contact me before.

If you dog has not worn clothing before and you are a first time buyer please don't leave your dog alone while wearing the suit until your sure the fit is proper and your dog is comfortable.


sassyrassy6 on Nov 4, 2019
5 stars

Randi, is so great to work with! Excellent customer service and high quality workmanship on all of her orders. Only the best material used. Thank you!!
dlphillips1 on Oct 16, 2019
5 stars

Great little sweater for my 8 lb Chiweenie! Fits perfect, shipped quickly, great quality! Thanks Randi!!
sassyrassy6 on Nov 4, 2019
5 stars

Randi, is so great to work with! Excellent customer service and high quality workmanship on all of her orders. Only the best material used. Thank you!!
Lehabah on Feb 6, 2015
5 stars

Seller made this custom order for my fat little mini doxie with very short front legs and barrel chest. It fits her great, I am very pleased and will order from this seller again.
Patron230461 on Oct 20, 2013
5 stars

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