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Gold Nautilus Hand Embroidered Guitar Strap on Plaid Dupioni Silk

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Disparate images and patterns come together to create a unique and truly artistic hand embroidered custom guitar strap. A finely detailed metallic gold, red, and teal densely embroidered nautilus shell claims the front of a crimson and gold shimmering plaid Dupioni silk custom guitar strap. The back lining of the strap is a creamy tan satin and the leather tabs are premium buckskin suede leather.

Dupioni silk is a particularly strong, resilient fabric. It is the consequence of two silk worms spinning and interweaving their silk threads in the same cocoon. Because the two threads are slightly different in color, the doubled silk thread has a subtle iridescent quality to it. It is also characterized by small unique nubs and is a very strong, durable fabric. This is a one of a kind guitar strap, one I will not make again.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

There is actually a funny little story associated with this guitar strap. I was sitting amidst an ocean of beautiful, shimmering fabrics and countless colors of embroidery threads, completely bereft of ideas for a new strap. I had hit the dreaded "artist's block." My son puts his head in my studio and says, "Make something crazy. Just think of something completely nuts and make it. Maybe it will help you get past the block." So, I looked around and asked myself, "What would I never in a million years put together?" I became completely obsessed with every little detail of the nautilus shell and, when I was done, it was one of the most unusual straps I've ever created. I'm very proud of it-- the massive detail in the nautilus shell, the quirky juxtaposition of the plaid fabric-- I am just very proud of this strap and hope you like it, too.

Materials Used

polypropylene strap material, crimson and gold plaid Dupioni silk, gold and teal metallic embroidery thread, tan satin, buckskin leather, heavy waxed leather sewing thread, commercial strength tanner's glue

More Info

LEATHER TABS - The leather button tabs are double-thick premium buckskin suede leather with crisscross whip stitching of heavy-duty waxed leather sewing thread, sealed with professional strength tanner glue.

CONSTRUCTION - The guitar strap foundation is 2000-pound test commercial grade polypropylene strap material. The strap is 3 inches wide and, fully extended, approximately 6 feet long.

VEGAN OPTION - You may purchase this guitar strap as a vegan guitar strap for an additional $10.00. I use an extremely tough, high-quality synthetic reinforced leather substitute. If you would like to buy this strap with vegan tabs, please let me know. I will invoice you separately for this. Also, please allow an additional one-day delivery delay for this customization of your guitar strap.

If you have any questions about this or any of my straps, please contact me by email at or by phone at 813-949-9269. I hope you enjoy browsing my studio and the other lovely studios on Artfire. Thanks!

Product Attributes

Color: Red

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