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10 flowering kale Seeds- Nagoya White’,Ornamental filler ,flower bed,.

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10 flowering kale Seeds- Nagoya White’,Ornamental filler ,flower bed,.


‘Nagoya Flowering Kale has a uniform plant habit and produces colorful, attractive fringed leaves. Reducing temperature to promote leaf color is not required on the same scale as with other cultivars. Plan this colorful flowering kale for autumn to winter sales along with pansy and viola. Nagoya is a long-lasting cool season bedding plant that also adds interest to fall containers and color bowls with its colorful, highly fringed leaves.
A colorful flowering kale for autumn to winter sales along with with pansy and viola
Produces attractive fringed leaves
Uniform in plant habit and growth
Responds well to plant growth regulators
Reducing temperature to promote leaf color is not required on the same scale as with other cultivars
Recommended for 4-6/10-15 cm inch pots
Ornamental Brassica seeds should be planted 6 - 10 weeks before the first anticipated frost. If you sow the flower seeds too early, the warm weather will keep the color from forming in the young plants. You can either plant in starter trays and transplant once the plant is large enough, or sow Ornamental Kale seeds directly outside. Plant the flower seeds 1/8 inch deep, 6 inches between seeds, and 18 - 24 inches between rows if planting directly outside. Keep soil moist during germination. This frost tolerant annual should be grown in full sun in a moist, well-drained soil. Ornamental Brassicas benefit from several applications of a balanced liquid fertilizer during their bloom period. Any Ornamental Brassica plants that don't look the way you want, feel free to eat! While not as tasty as the normal garden kale, the plants are still edible.

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Color: White

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