Perfect Peach Pearls (say that 3 times fast)


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Perfect Peach Pearls (say that 3 times fast)


This price is for 3 16 inch strands, if you would like less I will prorate. Always shipping in U.S.A. is free on all items. These are so pretty I got carried away at the Gem show, pearls do that to me. The color shown in the box is too dark, these are a lovely light to medium peach color, not orange, aren't perfectly round, they have one flat side even on the flat side the luster is beautiful. I have made several one and three strand necklaces with them for myself, family, and for customers. Everyone of them has and worn them (me for 10 years) with no problems, if anything wearing regularly seems to enhance the depth of the look of the nacre, maybe skin oils? I have come to the conclusion even making jewelry until I am 100 I will not use all of the remaining strands. There is something extremely sensual about running pearls through your fingers.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

The more time I spend running pearls through my fingers the more pearls I seem to buy at a time, now really will I use 67 strands, the number I have left, in my life? Especially when I consider all the other colors and shapes, my Sweetie weighed them I have roughly 70 pounds of beautiful pearls so I am motivated to share.

Materials Used

pearls freshwater, I was told they were colored by the minerals the particular type of clam imbibed. The strings show no sign of dye and wearing my necklace for 10 years there has been no color changes.

More Info

I am putting 20 groups of 3 up for sale. If you would prefer to buy only 1 strand I will be happy to sell them singally, or give a discount for a larger number sold as a group. Since pearls have now taken over 2 very large shelves in my gem storage area I need to share the wealth. I can put these up for sale at a relatively low price as I bought them years before pearls came back into style. They are a classic, and now stylish choice for anyone. I will be listing several other colors and shapes. Last year I saw the same type for 5.00$ a strand wholesale only if you bought by the hank. I am offering these at wholesale price (figuring 5$ a strand and an extra thrown in free) to share the wealth and make room for what I buy next year.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Pearls

Size: 16 inches by 3/8

Pattern: Unique, as you are

Color: Orange

Style: 10 sets of 12

Accepted Payments
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United States
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shipping free in U.S. it will be safely bubble wrapped and protected.
I want you to be happy with your jewelry, if there is a problem with a piece that is due to a defect I will remake, repair, or refund your money. If a piece breaks years down the road I will repair it and pay shipping back to you, if you pay shipping to me.

All jewelry arrives wrapped in cloth gift bag, if it is a gift I would be happy to include a card with your words in it.

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