Fabulous Farmhouse Tables Made from Aged/Reclaimed Wood from KS


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Fabulous Farmhouse Tables Made from Aged/Reclaimed Wood from KS


Do you love rustic furniture....do you love wooden tables made by "real" people, not a factory over seas and made from authentic aged/reclaimed wood (such as fir, cedar, hard pine, and oak)? If so, then you came to the right place! Wicked Grain has been handcrafting these gorgeous farmhouse tables and sets for over 7 years and have sold hundreds to happy customers across the US (read our online reviews). Each table is made reclaimed wood from central KS (Meriden and Topeka) and the wood species can range from cedar and fir, to oak and pine (newer lumber can be used for a cleaner-more sleek look). All wood is roughly 2" thick, full of character marks and knots, and a grayish brown sun worn tone. If you want a consistent tone or color, then specify when ordering (via buyer's notes or via email) and we will make it happen and bring your vision to life! We can do a variety of colors including: dark walnut, espresso, white wash, gray fade, ebony, mahogany, natural gray-brown tone, and more! All tables are treated with a matte spar-urethane finish to enhance the rustic qualities and grain tones, while protecting against spills and drink rings. We also sand these tables by hand up to 320 grit to remove splinters and rough patches. However; we try to keep the natural beauty of the wood, so we are very careful not to remove to much character. This ad is for a full farmhouse set (table and 2 benches) BUT if you would like a table and one bench OR just a table, please email us and we can do a custom order and change the price total. :) Cheers! -WG
-Table dimensions: 30" tall and 37-38" wide
-Bench dimensions: 15" wide and 18" tall

*Table set pricing:
4' set- $749
5' set- $849
6' set- $949
7' set- $1049
8' set- $1199
9' set- $1350
**Listing and shipping quote is for 4 foot sets only (table only or table/one bench combo shipping fees will differ...so please email with questions), larger sets will owe additional fees upon the time of completion and approving final pics. After the customer approves, then they can pay the balance and we will ship the table/set to it's new home :) *

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Wood and metal bracing

Size: We make tables and sets from 4'-9' long and 37-38" wide

Pattern: Wood grain

Color: Black

Length: 4 ft

Accepted Payments
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An order will not be started until the deposit, or payment to Etsy, has been received. All lead times promised are based on receipt of deposit/payment. The balance (including shipping and handling) is due upon completion and prior to shipping. Deposits or payments are non-refundable if the order is canceled after production begins. If a cancellation request is received before production has started on an item, a refund can be only be issued at the discretion of Wicked Grain, due to the custom nature of everything we do. Slabs and barn wood items are non refundable and are 100% custom unless damaged during shipping. If the customer doesn't approve before shipping, then WG will do everything to make sure the finish and slab/barn wood furniture item are to the customers liking. If the customer had unique engraved, custom welding, or custom cut pieces....then the item is non refundable (stain color doesn't qualify for a refund and each board and piece of wood is unique). If the piece is approved, all liability is on the customer for the item, unless it is broken during shipping. All questions/concerns about installation or care of the slab/item should be voiced before shipping or on the receipt. WG is not liable for damage caused by the customer during installation, moving their furniture item, moving company damage, or wear and tear over time.

Customers have 10 days after the completion of the custom item to pay the balance in full. If the balance is not fully paid, then the item will/can be resold and the deposit will be forfeited. Wicked Grain will not hold or store items, due to the space in our small shop. -Items held with permission, can be subject to a $20-40/week storage fee, depending on the size of the each item.

**Holding/Reserving slabs or specialty items:
Often times customers will want to place a deposit to hold a slab or to reserve a spot in our time cue to begin a table or set. This is all perfectly fine, but we need plenty of notice on when the customer desires their piece. The average time to build/construct a custom piece is 3-6 weeks for most orders, so all deposits placed to hold an item or slab, must be claimed within 60 days of placing the deposit. Slabs or other furniture items will not be held longer than the 60 day period and all projects must begin within 90 days of placing the deposit, UNLESS special approval has been giving by WG management. -We will work with the customer in this area and just ask that the customer communicates the status of their move-in dates, desired delivery dates, ect...! This policy protects WG from customers trying to claim an item after lengthy periods or if communication has been lost. WG will make multiple attempts through email, voice mail, text messaging (if desired), and online photos of their pieces to inform the customer of the progress or to pose questions for approval on the "start" date. We ask that the customer does the same :-)

We want this process to be as enjoyable for our customers as possible and we appreciate your cooperation! Thank you!

*Shipping is done as a courtesy for all of our customers. We find the best rates and pass on our shop discounts via FedEx, AGS, and through Freight Quote. At any time, customers are allowed to find better rates or quotes and set up shipping. Customers are also urged to set up shipping if they feel the need to get a item to their location by or on an exact date. WG will take on this responsibility, but understand that WG is NOT liable for shipping delivery dates once the item is picked up. This is the sole responsibility of the courier and all customers can track their packages via the tracking number that is provided by WG. Any issues that a customer has with a shipper or courier, needs to be addressed and handled between the customer and the shipping company. All freight items are shipped via curbside delivery. This literally means that the courier will drop the pallet off at the edge of your driveway. Please arrange with the courier a convenient time for delivery and arrange for plenty of help to move your item(s) inside. If a customer can't handle moving their furniture items, then White Glove service can be arrange, but will cost additional fees.

Smaller items can be shipped via ground carrier. Larger items, particularly tables over 4 feet in length, will need to be sent via freight. We can discuss your options with you once your custom order has been finalized. NOTE: At the time a custom order is placed, a shipping estimate will be given, but is subject to change due to shipping company charges at time of completion. Another estimate will be given at time of completion and the client will be responsible for shipping upgrades or additional shipping charges from original shipping estimate. Estimates are valid for 48 hours. Wicked Grain recommends that customers look up shipping rates and fees and set up shipping on their own, so that they feel comfortable with the courier and can communicate with them throughout the process. **IF WG takes on the responsibility of helping with setting up shipping, then WG is NOT liable for any damages that occur with shipping or delivery dates. Our sole responsibility is to make a custom piece, pack, and ship out.

**Wicked Grain recommends shipping ALL larger items and tables over 4 feet long via Freight to avoid shipping damages. Although Wicked Grain packages all items to shipping code, larger items are more prone to being damaged during the Ground shipping process/method. If a customer still chooses to ship a qualifying larger item (ex. a table up to 5' long x 36" wide) via Ground and it becomes damaged, but is packaged properly, the customer accepts liability for the claim. If the item is shipped via Freight, then Wicked Grain will help the buyer with the claim, call tag, refund, or compensation. Once an item is approved by the customer (via photo) and sent, any additional changes that the customer may want to their items are the sole responsibility of the customer and not WG (cuts, stain color, etc...). Exact dimensions and specific cuts must be on the Etsy receipt and under the purchase or "order" notes on the deposit payment or the customer receipt. If a buyer/customer is dis-sastified with the arrival of the item and has complaints that solely have to do with "shipping" then WG isn't liable and all complaints need to be taken up with the shipper/courier.

If a customer chooses to ship a live edge slab or a live edge item/piece of furniture via Ground. Broken off bark or chipping in the "sap wood" of the live edge during the shipping process, doesn't consist of an item being broken. This is a simple fix that consists of the customer lightly sanding the damaged or chipped portion with sandpaper and a sealant of their choice. If an item is damaged, Wicked Grain needs to be notified immediately so that we can review the photos and either choose to file a claim OR to replace the item. -PLEASE contact WG before leaving any negative feedback on our shop page. We are a small business and family owned and rely heavily on reviews. We will work with you to resolve the situation.

Change of address/location: If a customer moves or changes their address after the order is placed, it is on the customer to make sure that WG or FedEx has their correct address. If the item is shipped to the wrong location/address, due to the customer not changing or notifying WG before shipment, then the responsibility is on the customer to contact the courier and re-route the package to their location. Any fees associated with the shipping change are on the customer and not on WG.

**Shipment never arriving or being stolen: this has never happened in our time with shipping items, but if it does, WG will work with you to track or locate your item. However; if the customer lives in an area that would be considered "higher" risk for the item to be taken or stolen from their porch or front door area, then it is up to the customer to inform WG to notify our GROUND courier that a signature is required for the customer to receive the item. If the customer doesn't notify WG, then we ship your item via FedEx Ground "standard 2-3 day shipping" front door drop-off service. We send tracking numbers and shipping notifications to the customers email that is linked to their Etsy account. It is up to the customer to track their packaged and to contact the courier with shipping related questions. Our job is to create, get approval, pack, and ship. -Not track the customers package. Thank you!
Refunds and Exchanges
Wood is a natural material, and as such, is subject to slight checking, cracking and movement. While we will do everything in our power to minimize the chances of these occurring, it is not considered a defect in craftsmanship and WG cannot be held responsible for these naturally occurring events. *Humidifiers, weekly maintenance (such as tung oil, danish oil, or your choice of clear coat), and minimal stress on the item, are all measures that can be taken to prolong the life of your item. If you live on the coast or around saltwater, take extra measures to ensure the life of your table (regular wiping of the top and underside, spraying metal with a clear protective coating once a year to prevent rust, etc..). Stain color, wood grain patterns, or wood tones don't qualify for a refund of any type and any color related issues need to be addressed before shipping the furniture item (wood grains vary in color/tone and pattern). Once a custom item is shipped and approved, the order is finalized.

*Returns are at the sole discretion of WG and since everything we do is "custom", all furniture item sales are final once the item has been approved by the customer (via multiple photographs) and shipped. We urge customers to ask any questions about the items before shipping. Refunds are only given if the item was damaged via shipping, major parts were missing or defected (broken table legs, bracing, or missing parts), or if the customer receives the wrong or incorrect order (again, photographs should eliminate this from happening and all questions or concerns should be voiced before the delivery of the item). All refunds will be given after the item has been shipped back to WG and packaged according to legal shipping standards. If a customer has an issue about their item (whether cosmetic, functional, etc.) WG will work to the fullest to resolve the issue. If the customer and WG can't come to an agreement, then occasionally Etsy's Safety and Trust Team will intervene to resolve the issue to the liking of both parties. This is rare, but encouraged in rare situations. If the customer decides to "freeze" or place a "stop payment" on an item, while the furniture item is still in their possession. Then the property is no longer the customers and now is the property of WG. -All return shipping and packing related charges/fees will be the sole responsibility of the customer. If the customer does not return the item within 1 week of a "stop payment" and provide sufficient proof that the item(s) are en-route, then a $75 weekly fee will be charged for all items under $500 in value, a $100 weekly fee for items over $500 and under $1000, and a $150 weekly fee will be applied for all items over $1000 in value. This charge will be sent to the customers email and home address via a legal LLC invoice. If the customer decides to not pay the their fees or return items, then Wicked Grain works with both credit and collection agencies to make sure the item and fees are collected. Please do not allow this to happen!

1) Damage During Shipping:
Customers should carefully inspect all items at the time of delivery and note any obvious damage on delivery receipt. Damage during shipping must be reported to WG within 3 days of receipt or a claim can't be made. WG must see photos and proper documentation as proof of damage. We will work with the shipping company/courier to have the item picked up for return and can either issue a refund or begin the replacement piece. If the customer decides to have a replacement piece or repair made, then the refund is void after construction begins. If a customer contacts WG and reports damage, but doesn't follow up their report by calling/emailing us with all proper documentation within 10 business days, then the customer is liable for filing the claim with the courier and WG will not be held liable. If the customer choses to use their own shipping company, then the customer is 100% liable and responsible for the claim process.

2) Naturally Occurring Changes:
If one of the naturally occurring events described above (checking, cracking or
movement) occurs to your piece and you deem it unacceptable, it is at the
discretion of Wicked Grain to accept the item for return. The customer has to notify WG of the issue within 30 days of the purchase. **Clear coat finish doesn't warrant a refund of any kind and all finish related questions, must be addressed before shipping. Most live edge slabs will have checking, natural cracking, knots, etc.... so if those natural defects are troublesome for a customer, then live edge slabs or live edge furniture should probably be avoided. WG can and will fill cracks or voids with a epoxy resin or filler upon customer request. ALL slabs are treated with a matte finish under all of our DIY and slab listings, unless specifically purchased under the bar slab listing. Customers are urged to use a wipe on poly or danish oil to add more sheen and to care for the slab over time. If Wicked Grain accepts the return, a replacement item will be given, however, the client will be responsible for the original, and return, shipping and handling charges. (please read care tips and instructions regarding adding sheen and caring for slab wood)

*Notice: FARMHOUSE TABLES are made from a softer wood and not a hardwood, we can make the tables from hardwoods or thicker/hard reclaimed wood for additional fees (ask WG for details and pricing). Farmhouse tables are prone to movement or dry cracking pending the climate and environment of the homeowner. WG isn't responsible for the wood reacting to any environment changes or damages that occur to the table/item due to owner's care or usage. (all wood is dry and purchased from local mills and lumber stores). Cracking can occur if not wiped regularly with a wood conditioner, due to the board layout of the top boards. This is rare, but can happen. Procedures can be taken to avoid both cracking, warping, and to minimize board movement. Wiping regularly with danish oil or a tung oil and humidifiers are necessary to prolong the beauty of your table.
-Recommended products: Howard Brand Feed n' Wax, Minwax danish oil, Minwax wipe on polyurethane, or tung oil of your choice. Please wipe once a month during the dry winter months or as needed.

3) Defects in Craftsmanship:
If Wicked Grain deems that there has been a defect in craftsmanship (broken or missing parts, damage, incorrect measurements, lose legs or bracing, or incorrect items were shipped), then WG will provide you with a replacement item or a refund/credit will be issued for the items and shipping charges as agreed between client and WG. This must occur within 60 days of the purchase and adequate proof must be provided to show that any damage wasn't due to customer use, wear and tear, not tightened table legs, uneven floors, lighting effecting the color, and customer damage during installment. Any item that has been deemed to have defects, due to fault of WG, will be properly compensated at the discretion of Wicked Grain or WG will find a local woodworker and will arrange for them to fix the issue(s). The woodworker will be chosen by WG. **Clear coat or finish issues, do not warrant a refund and all finish related issues must be questioned or resolved before the item(s) ship. WG can provide multiple photographs from a variety of angles and lighting. If the items ships and WG is at fault, due to a "finish" or clear coat related issue, then we will work with the customer to correct the issue immediately. If the customer refuses our help or chooses to go with a private worker, leave a negative review, or file a claim before WG is allowed to correct/resolve the issue, then all repair costs will be the sole responsibility of the customer.

4) Change of Order/ Cancellation:
Wicked Grain understands that hardships occur and that sometimes, due to financial obligations or other reasons, a customer may want to cancel or do a last minute change to their order (downsizing, change of wood, stain color, etc...). If this occurs, the customer is liable for all fees that apply to the change or cancellation. If a project has already been started and the customer has been made aware that their piece is being constructed, but yet the customer chooses to cancel, then the customer wouldn't be eligible for a refund.

5) Reclaimed/Older wooden tables/furniture items: tables or items that are made from 100+ year old wood tables... are exactly that, "100 year old wooden planks used to construct a furniture item. -So, if you like the look of "old/reclaimed" wood, then please read the following: First, all reclaimed wooden tables have natural knots, cracks, character marks, rough spots, etc.. this is unavoidable and ALL of our wood comes from central KS and has been through tornadoes, storms, etc... This causes the wood to fade over time, dry cracking to occur, character marks, etc.. If you DO NOT want any of these on your table, then we suggest avoiding "reclaimed tables" such as: reclaimed farmhouse tables, modern farm tables, pub style tables, BOB tables, BOSS tables, or outdoor parson style tables. Customers need to take precautions to care for and prolong the life of the wood. WG does its best to remove all rough parts and splinters from the wood, but with reclaimed wood, it can be tough. We will send with fine grit sand paper to help buff out rough areas. Table legs are also reclaimed and made from old posts, pallets, etc.... if a leg for whatever reason doesn't set level or flush, please notify us immediately to get a new one made. Send specs of the desired length and understand that felt pads may help this as well. Again, we do our best and use a jig guide when cutting legs by hand, but un-level floors at a customers home, climate expanding the wood, etc... can all factor in to a leg not setting flush. If the customer gives the incorrect specs on a new leg or no specs at all and a new leg is sent to the customer, but doesn't fit to size, then any reship fees are the sole responsibility of the customer. Wiping down tables with a danish oil or furniture conditioner is a MUST with real wood and must be done 1-2 times a year or as desired by the customer. :)

6)Custom orders: (deposits are non refundable after project has begun). Only way a refund will be made on a custom piece is unless it was damaged during shipping or unless it drastically differs from the buyers notes or specs. All items that are deemed "custom" and that differ from our shop ads/listings, MUST be placed under a "custom listing" OR special notes under the buyers "notes" MUST be left with exact specifications,dimensions, etc... Otherwise WG will create your item to the specs/color/etc... to match the shop advertisement or listing (or as close as possible). WG is NOT liable for any last minutes changes OR for anything that is NOT added to the receipt. Please check your receipt to make sure it is correct before placing your order. Custom orders, if approved (via photographs) are non-refundable. We will do everything in our power to fix an issue that a customer may have, but full refunds are solely at the discretion of WG unless the item is broken. DO NOT rely on text messages, phone conversations, or emails to verify changes or an order. If a customer is given one of the makers contact information, please do not text or call after working hours. Please email first and we will do our best to contact you back. WG supports/values "family time" and we are proud parents ourselves. Make sure everything is in writing and on the receipt. -This helps us understand exactly what you want/need with an order.
Any items that are approved (color, texture) via photographs and if no questions are asked regarding the table/item before shipping occurs, then all return fees are the sole responsibility of the customer.
*Note: all farmhouse tables are made from 36-38" wide unless a custom order is made or unless the customer and WG agree to alter the design and notes are left on the receipt. All slab tables are made from 35-42" wide unless the customer and WG agree otherwise and specs are left on the receipt. -Thank you!

*We are family owned and run. We don't have items in stock and do everything by hand. We purchase wood weekly from the mill to build custom pieces for customers. If there is any change to an order, contact us immediately so that both parties can make the necessary changes or work something out. We work M-F from 9-4:30 pm, please be patient if you email us on a weekend, we will answer as soon as possible. Thank you!
** Personalized items (items engraved or branded) are non-returnable.
Additional policies and FAQs
Wood, like all natural materials, has inherent dispairites in color and grain pattern. Because of variations caused by nature, over which the company has no control, Wicked Grain does its best to match colors and finishes and can send you pictures of your product during various stages of the production process and prior to shipping. Please keep in mind, however, that while WG does its best to represent your product in pictures, it is possible for your actual piece to look slightly different in shade or sheen upon delivery. All outdoor furniture is prone to sun damage or cracking if not taken care of by covering during heavy rains, snow, excessive sun exposure, etc.... Please wipe down regularly with a tung or danish oil to add moisture to the wood. DO NOT place hot items on any wood item. This will burn into the clear coat and WG isn't liable for this action. Coasters are recommended with drinks to prevent against moisture. -Although treated, heavy moisture and acidic drinks can leave rings. Wiping regularly can help prevent this! This can be done weekly, monthly, or yearly. Any metal items should be wiped down regularly and sprayed with clear protective coating a couple of times a year and covered to prevent rusting over time.

Wicked Grain also recommends that all specialty cuts are made by a contractor or at the home that the installment will take place. It is very difficult to make precision cuts for counter tops, bars, etc.... when you are looking at a drawing/blueprint and can't make adjustments at the home. WG recommends that customers order a slab(s) or piece of wood to the size/dimensions needed and then make any/all specialty or precision cuts after receiving.

For local customers; At this point WG, doesn't do any installation and isn't certified to do so. We recommend that you find a local contractor to do any and all installations. Make sure that the contractor has experience with working with live edge slabs or hardwoods before making your decision. We aren't responsible for any installation after the purchase of our products.

Installation and disclaimer:
Dear Valued Customer of Wicked Grain:
Are you having a contractor install? Sometimes contractors will have to be brought in for a project, to piece together, trim, adjust the wood to a stand, base, or table legs. After meeting with a business adviser and professional contractor, we are telling ALL of our customers the following: Everything we do is very skilled and professional, but custom, and definitely meant for DIY. With every wood sale there are risks involved if the wood isn't cared for or installed properly (warping, cracking, etc...). At WG we do our best to meet your needs, but do rough cuts, many times from over half way across the country. -This can be very difficult, so WG recommends that precision cuts be made local or in the customers home. *So; before we ship...understand several things: walnut slabs are "real" wood, wood was once a living organism, wood can move and there may be some movement over time, your slabs were kiln dried, and should fit perfectly to your project, however; if trimming, cuts, extra wiping down, etc... needs to be done in your home, WG isn't responsible. All customers need to wipe down all slabs weekly for the first few months. This adds natural moisture/nutrients to the wood and keeps it sealed, it also allows to wood to properly acclimate to the customers home. Wood should be stored for 3-5 days in a climate controlled setting before installing. All customers should seek professional advice before installing their slabs. Thank you and enjoy your new beauty, send us pics, and have a blessed year!

*****Local customers or pickup ONLY:

Currently Wicked Grain doesn't install or have an installation license. However; we do work closely with a contractor and would be happy to have them deliver an item OR do any installation work. We can also can pass along any associated quotes or fees related to the installation process. If Wicked Grain decides to personally "drop off/deliver only" a table or furniture item, then a minimal $100 fee will be added to the balance (must be paid in full at time of delivery) OR any items being delivered outside of the KC Metro (30 mile radius) area will be charged a $150 delivery fee. If a furniture item is paid for in full after the customer sees the final product, then the customer and WG are agreeing that the item was made to their satisfaction. If a customer is not satisfied with the end/custom result, then ANY/ALL finish, size, assembly, craftsmanship, or color related questions/issues must be addressed at the time of delivery/pickup, so that WG can make the necessary changes to meet the customers needs. The customer has 60 days to report major craftsmanship issues that may occur in their possession and can be proven that it is not due to wear-tear. -Such as faulty legs, extreme cracking or warping, or exposed metal. If the customer meets the 60 days guideline, WG will review and go to the home and fix the item or bring back to our shop to address any issues. Clear coat wearing down over time or stain color fading isn't covered via our shop policies and does not warrant any refund or addressing unless the customer is willing to pay any fees associated with the labor and re-coating (clear coat, stain, or paint). Clear coat, stain, and paint can easily fade/chip due to wear and tear, not being cared for properly, the environment, and if exposed to excess water,acidic drinks, heat, or sharp objects. Clear coat is a form of wax, so DO NOT sit any hot objects on the table or item without a hot plate or coaster. Wicked Grain is NOT liable for any of these occurrences and all repairs are the sole responsibility of the customer. WG greatly appreciates your business and any questions regarding any of our policies or care tips, must be addressed either before the purchase or during the construction process. -Cheers!! WG Team


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