13 Drystack Stackstone Molds, ODF-04 Stone Moulds Make 1000s of Rocks


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13 Drystack Stackstone Molds, ODF-04 Stone Moulds Make 1000s of Rocks


#ODF-04 - Thirteen Olde Drystack Flat-Faced Stackstone Molds in this Set.

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You can make a custom-colored, standard, medium, or light-weight, Olde Drystack Flat-Faced veneer stone with these molds. Each was cast from actual stones. These molds come in five individual sheets, or sets. Set #1 has 12 concrete moulds, #2 has 15 molds, #3 has 12, #4 has 13 concrete molds, and #5 has 20 molds. The stones in each set will cover about four square feet of area on average without duplication without flipping the set upside down once. Flipping the set will give you double the coverage. The complete 72 mold set will then cover about 60 square feet+/- using this method in two pours. Each mold is about 1" to 3' deep, with the heights and widths varying, as did the original stones that the molds were taken from. The stone molds are separated prior to shipping to help protect them during transit and to assist you with the pouring process. Complete instructions are included with each mold purchase. And any additional questions will be answered via email, should you have any. Some of the stones have been mounted against each other to speed up your installation and so you can fill one larger mold that has multiple stones joined together. We suggest that you use different colors within each stone cavity so the stones still look like individual stones when completed.
The Ledgestone wall in the photo has additional larger stones added in by the designer, for interest. These are not part of the Stackstone set you may be purchasing. Similar square and rectangle stones are available in our Olde Castle Stone style of molds. They come in a number of different sizes, and are available elsewhere in our store.
We offer seventy-two (72) different and unique Olde Drystack Flat-Faced Stackstone molds in these five sets. If you purchase all five of the sets together you save $20.00. You can make thousands of Drystack Stackstone stones with these molds as they can be used hundreds of times.
This Stackstone blends perfectly with our Drystack Ledgestone Mold Sets as well as our Limestone sets. So if you have a very large project, you can blend with them. With our Limestone Molds you have even less duplication.
PLEASE NOTE: The stones in the photo of the solid Stackstone wall are very tight to each other due to slightly cutting or grinding down the sides of the stones to make them more flush with each other. The stones made with these molds will have a slightly larger spacing due to the side angle... as much as 1/4" between each stone. This is so the stones can be de-molded easier, and so they will blend with the Drystack Ledgestone sets of stones in a mixed wall. If you desire very tight layers of stone, you may want to grind the sides down a bit to achieve this. This can be done easily with a composite masonry blade in a circular saw, or trim the edges of the stones with a wet saw to get them to fit tighter. This should only take a minute to do on each stone.
Each individual mold can be used hundreds of times, so you will be able to make thousands of feet of stone for pennies each... saving about 90% off of normal retail pricing of stone. You can use common bags of premix Sand Mix found in all building supply stores, or mix your own Portland cement and sand to save even more money on very large projects. Then just follow our simple coloring suggestions and finishing techniques to make your own hand-made, professional quality, custom manufactured stone... for PENNIES each!
Our molds are made with a special .060 high-impact ABS casting plastic for long life and flexibility. They are the standard for the casting industry. The molds are designed to be used hundreds of times.
After filling their own needs, many of our customers end up starting a small business from their home making tile, stone, pavers, and brick for friends, family, neighbors, contractors, and other do-it-yourselfers and homeowners! No need for a kiln, or special equipment. Men and women from all walks of life already have... WHY NOT YOU?

There are five different and unique individual mold sets in each stone style. This listing is for one of those sets. We also offer specially priced bulk sets for larger projects. This complete five-sheet set saves you $20.00 and you get shipping as well.


1. Lubricate the molds... a light vegetable oil will do if you don't have mold release.
2. Mix a bag of premix concrete... get a shovel, water, and something to mix it in.
3. Add some concrete color, which is optional... unless you want plain gray.
4. Pour mix into molds... vibrate a bit to compact concrete and release air bubbles.
5. Let the filled molds sit a day or so undisturbed... over-night is fine.
6. Flip the molds over the next day... and pop out what you've created from the mold!


Nothing looks quite as elegant and timeless as well kept stone walls. Whether they surround a garden, are on an old towering castle or on the face of a new upscale modern home of today.

Now you can have the look and durability of stone without the weight or the need for heavy equipment to install it.

Best of all, you can now make it yourself and save up to 90% of the cost! It looks just like natural stone, but is much lighter, making it easier to install and cut, and can be made and installed by almost any handy homeowner... male or female. Our customer percentages are about equal... men versus women.

If you have a specific project in mind already, you may want to consider one of our Complete DIY Project Kits. These Kits include various quantities of molds, and the supplies needed to complete a DIY project.

The Kits Normally Include:
A quantity of Molds which vary by the number in the Kit
A quantity of Mold Release
A quantity of Concrete Colorant (One-pound of five different colors)
A quantity of mix Fortifier/Additive for increased strength and durability
A quantity of StoneKote Brick and Stone Sealer, or other type of sealer depending on the installation
SHIPPING is included within the Continental USA. And DISCOUNTED SHIPPING is offered to elsewhere in the world.

These Kits can be real money-savers for you when planning a stone project. All you need to add is concrete and water.

And remember... Shipping is included within the Continental USA! And Discounted to elsewhere in the world!

Complete instructions are included with each mold purchase, and we also have a dedicated Training and Instructions website that you can refer to and learn from. There are tutorials, formulas, videos, and more. If you are interested in possibly starting a small business, we have been helping entrepreneurs get started since 1992. Visit our www.Oldeworld.com website for complete details, or email Info@Oldeworld.com for additional information.

Thank you for your interest in, and consideration of, our products. Should you need assistance of any kind, email: Help@Oldeworld.com

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

We started our company on January 15, 1992 to help homeowners, do-it-yourselfers, crafts people, gardeners, landscapers, and commercial concerns make their own custom-colored building products at home while saving as much as 90% off of the normal retail prices of those products. For example, concrete stone veneer that you see every day on the front of homes and buildings can cost more than six dollars per square foot, plus installation. With our molds and supplies, an average person can make comparable stone veneer for 45 to 65 cents per square foot, depending on the stone thickness and style. Custom-colored concrete tile can be made for about 30 cents a square foot. We also offer molds (moulds) for pavers, stepping stones, brick and more. And included with each purchase is a dedicated Instructions website, email support, customer contests, and more. Most of our website photos are from customers who had never used molds or worked with concrete or plaster before. WHY NOT YOU?

More Info

Be a part of the hottest decorating and home improvement trend in the country... Custom-colored, manufactured and cultured stone for walls, floors, veneer, garden, and more... Now you can make the stone yourself, and save up to 90% off of retail prices!

Why pay $6.00 to $12.00 a square foot or more for stone... when you can make it yourself for about fifty-cents a foot! Why be stuck with "cookie cutter" stone with limited color choices and combinations... chosen by the dealer? With our molds, supplies and instructions, you have the freedom to make virtually any color of stone you want. Stone that will last a lifetime, for PENNIES a foot!

Our mold masters were taken from real River Rocks, Ledgestone, Flat-Faced Stackstone, Fieldstone, Limestone, hand-cut and chiseled Castle Stone, and other stones. Use them knowing there is no negative environmental impact. Since stone veneer is not a structural building component, there's no need for expensive footings. No special structural approvals or expensive stone mason is needed. And no shipping costs. Manufactured stone is in the same category as home siding. So it can be applied directly to almost any surface... even steel buildings!

And you get all of the benefits of real stone... High "R" insulating value, Fire resistance, Sound suppression, Increased home value... And MORE! And all at a fraction of the cost!

You can make natural-looking stone like that pictured. Use it as wall veneer, fireplace stone, home siding, interior and exterior trim, in the garden, as a manufactured or mobile home foundation bibs, and MORE.... Many customers end up starting a small business from their home. They make stone for friends, family, neighbors, contractors, and other homeowners! Men and women from all walks of life already have... WHY NOT YOU?

For interior wall applications, you can use various plasters with any of our molds and be done in a fraction of the time it takes concrete to cure! Just add water and color, and pour the mix into your molds!

Complete instructions are included with each mold purchase, and we also have a Training and Instructions website that you can refer to at TheMoldStore.info. If you are interested in starting a small business, we have been helping entrepreneurs get started since 1992. Visit our Oldeworld.com Business Opportunity website for complete details.

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Color: Purple

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