«Denim seeng» by Mansur Baybekov

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«Denim seeng» by Mansur Baybekov


«Denim seeng» by Mansur Baybekov
Acrylic on Canvas 110x75 cm
Denim is the personification of the modern generation.
Once upon a time, jeans were just clothes for the workers, until the era of hippies and rock and roll came.
In those glorious times, jeans became a symbol of freedom and the unbridled spirit of the youth. The desire for change, good or bad, absorbed the minds of young people.
Durable jeans fabric withstood all the adventures and quirks of a restless generation.
Becoming the epitome of the era, the color of jeans - indigo supposedly veil enveloped the eyes and minds.
In the picture Denim Seeng, I displayed the very shroud that filled the mind with a desire for freedom, change and adventure.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: Medium

Pattern: Abstract

Color: Blue

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