Abstract Painting Oil Canvas Modern Art Original Not all gold glitters

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Abstract Painting Oil Canvas Modern Art Original Not all gold glitters


“Not all gold glitters”
What is the best way to make money? What work will bring the greatest income?
Professions immediately come to mind: “doctor, banker, lawyer, top manager”. These are wonderful professions that require great skill and really bring great income. But is it the only way to earn a lot?
In fact, you can get rich doing anything!
A few years ago I heard a story about an auto washer from England, and it struck me! His name is Gurcharn Sahota and this is the most expensive car washer in the world! Cars from all over the world are brought to his car wash for polishing. Of course, these are not simple cars, but the most expensive models. It is said that polishing can cost him up to 10,000 pounds at a time. Gurcharn loves his job and, in addition to a solid income, enjoys it every day.
The bottom line is that no sane person would believe that a car wash can become successful and wealthy. Tell your friends that you quit your job and get a job at a car wash and they decide that you are crazy.
This story is a great motivation! It shows that there is no need to abandon the cause to which you have talent and it brings you joy, just because it is not considered profitable in the eyes of the majority.
Of course, it is very important to constantly improve your skills in this business, introduce something new and never give up. This is hard, but the reward will be your favorite job, satisfaction and of course high income!

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Oil, canvas.

Size: 31.5x23.6 in.

Color: Green

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