Tornado Knife EDC Handmage Multi Color Art Deco Jewelry Custom


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Tornado Knife EDC Handmage Multi Color Art Deco Jewelry Custom


Absolutely exclusive hand-crafted Titanium Jewelry from the heart of Siberia!
A part of my soul is in every our product.

I want to introduce you our first EDC Pocket knife "Big Lava"
It's hand made engraved knife with a stylized lava stone was made for order based on the Shirogorovs Wild Boar clone knife.

Overall knife length: 111mm;
Handle length: 66mm
Blade width: 45mm
Blade thickness: 2.5mm
Blade Material: m390
Weight: Approx. 43 grams
Hardness: 61HRS
Bearings, titanium lining.

Titanium is a strong, hypoalergenic light metal. Titanium does not corrode so the knife won't change its original look.
We can customize the knife according to your desires.
Also titanium can be colored in gold, green, blue, purple color that is variable with order.
I guarantee high quality and a lot of pleasant emotions!

Contact me with any question.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Titanium,stainless steel

Size: Overall knife length: 111mm; Handle length: 66mm

Color: White

Material: Titanium,stainless steel

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kniter on Mar 11, 2020
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