Coconut Wax MINI Jewelry Surprise Candle Tins with Cell Phone Charm


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Coconut Wax MINI Jewelry Surprise Candle Tins with Cell Phone Charm


Beautiful new 7 oz candle tins in lovely lilac color or gentle teal tones. With a fun charm for your cell phone or bag hidden inside.

Please include in notes or message which scent you want.
Current scents in this collection include
aloe and white lilac - soothing green aloe and soft floral lilacs (lilac tin)
lavender martini - lovely lavender and effervescent gin (lilac tn)
supervolcano - a bright and tropical orange and not so spicy chili pepper (teal tin)
raspberry lemonade - tart lemons with just a little summer berry (pink tin)

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

Inspired by our favorite furry friends, each candles includes an adorable handmade and sometimes hand-braided cord cell phone/key charm with a cat bead or charm attached! Hang these charms off of your cell phone, in your car, on your keys, doorknobs, and all over the place! Lightweight, they can safely be added to car-keys and lanyards too!

More Info


How does a jewelry candle work?

The jewelry is carefully wrapped in foil and placed in the top third of the candle. After the candle is burned for 2-4 hours the foil containing the jewelry will be uncovered. Then you can blow out the candle and lift out the jewelry with tongs or your fingers. Some people who can’t wait do dig into the wax early to get their treasure.

How long will this candle burn?

They are designed to burn for more than 40 hours. That said, many factors affect burn time. Room temperature and any drafts will affect burn time. How long you burn the candle at any one time does affect how long the candle lasts. The recommendation is to burn for only a couple of hours at a time. Keeping the wick trimmed to ¼ inch can also improve how the candle burns.

What materials do you use?

This line is a blend of coconut and soy wax. An all natural blend has several advantages over soy wax alone. The overall look is better with brighter colors and stronger scents. Wicks are pure cotton and may contain hemp threads for stability.
No zinc (so no chance for even microparticles of lead)
No paraffin or petroleum products
No fragrances that require a warning due to potentially harmful chemicals

Do you use essential oils?

Fragrances contain varying levels of essential oils along with other ingredients to achieve the wide range of room filling scents that candle lovers expect at a reasonable cost. High quality fragrance oils no longer contain phthalates, BPA, or other chemicals shown to be harmful.

Is is vegan?


Can I reuse the container as a drink vessel?

The wax tends to leave a slight residue and the fragrances may linger on the glass so we can’t recommend drinking out of the container after you’ve used the candle, but it can be used as a small planter, decorative storage, or whatever creative use you can imagine.

How are your candles different from what I see on store shelves?

Glad you asked! Katty Candles and Jewelry does everything in small batches by hand. Everything from the wick to the container is carefully selected for quality. Mass market candles tend to burn much faster. Common ingredients include paraffin which is a petroleum byproduct (even candles marketed as soy may contain a high percentage of paraffin), zinc wicks which can contain small amounts of lead, and cheap fragrances that tend to have a chemical smell after a while.
Katty Candles and Jewelry wants our candles to be as safe as possible. We’ve seen mass market candle glass containers get too hot and shatter. While all candles have fire and any glass can break, we make our candles to burn cooler. We put detailed warnings on each candle and are always here if you have a question. We choose only the safest fragrances for your health.
Finally, we want our products to be sustainable for the future of our planet. We choose renewable wax and wicks with cotton and hemp. We reuse and recycle shipping materials whenever possible. We encourage you to reuse your candle containers.

What if I have a problem with one of your candles?

If there is any sort of defect or break in the candle or glass, send a picture to within 30 days of receiving it and we will promptly replace or refund it.
If the candle is perfect, but just not for you, you will need to cover shipping back to us. Then we will refund or exchange it.

Candle Safety 101

Don’t leave a burning candle unattended.
Never move your candle while burning it.
Keep candles out of reach of pets and children.
Always burn your candle on a nonflammable, level surface.
Keep your candle away from flammable objects.
Don’t burn your candle all the way to the bottom.
Avoid burning a candle for more than 4 hours at a time.
Never use water to extinguish a candle.
It’s better to use a candle snuffer rather than blow out a candle.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Wax, charms

Size: 7 oz

Color: Blue

Accepted Payments
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United States
First Item: $ 5.00
Additional Items: $ 2.00


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All of our items are OOAK (One of a Kind) because they're all original designs, scents, and handmade! They are also 100% American made in the USA. When we say our items are OOAK, we mean it because each piece of jewelry is handcrafted and we won't take orders for or sell duplicates of a single item unless it is altered in some way (color, pattern, glass, scent, etc.). The item you get will genuinely be unlike anything anyone else on the planet has without paying diamond prices. Each jewelry candle features a handmade jewelry item inside, so you win the best prize every time.

Our jewelry candles are incredibly unique in that they have a pair of earrings in them worth $4-$20 or a bracelet in them worth $5-$30+. Just the burn the candle for a few hours to reach the gorgeous, one of a kind prize inside! Other candles we feature include massage oil and stone meditation.

We use Paypal, which allows us to take most of the major credit cards (you don't have to be a Paypal member to check out with us). Now we also offer paypal express, a quicker and easier way to check out!

You get a free random item on orders $50 or more (not including shipping).
The "random" item is based upon what you buy...If you buy jewelry the free item will be jewelry; if you buy candles the free item will be a candle, if you buy both let us know if you want candles or jewelry in the buyers comment section!

Shipping Policies:
We use the United States Postal Service to ship our items world wide. All items are shipped first class with USPS and have at least $50 worth of insurance in case of damage or loss.
For international shipping of candles, please contact us.
If an item is damaged during shipping contact us with a picture of the damaged item within 30 business days (Monday-Friday) and we will replace it or refund the full item cost (depending on the item and whether you want a refund or replacement, we may ask you to send the item back to us).

We will gladly do exchanges on any unused items. We DO NOT accept returns for used or partially used candles. If you're unsatisfied with your purchase for whatever reason, we'll exchange it for another item or items of equal or lesser value within three months (90 days) of purchase. The unwanted item being exchanged will have to be returned to us before we pay to ship out the exchanged item(s) (this guarantees to us that the exchanged item wasn't used or damaged).

*ALL of our chainmaille necklaces come with a LIFE TIME GUARANTEE.
Chainmaille is very sturdy and we am confident it won't break without immense pressure and wear. Thus, if it is ever broken or damaged beyond function just mail it back to me and I will fix it then send it back to you with no repair charges!*

Please let me know before mailing a chainmaille necklace that needs repair this way if I need any material I am out of to fix it I can order it and get your necklace fixed as quickly as possible. Also, it needs to actually be broken to the point where it is nonfunctional. I cannot fix chainmaille items that simply do not fit one's style anymore.

All of our other jewelry items can be sent back to us and repaired/altered for a small fee depending on the item, just contact the seller if you have any questions regarding repairs or alterations on previously bought jewelry items. This includes attaching new clasps, re-beading, re-wiring, chain replacement, and more.

Custom Items (General):
You may request custom jewelry and/or candles and/or bath & body products. The more specific, the better. *You can also request items already listed in different colors/scents with custom orders*.

For all custom orders please e-mail us at or message us through our facebook page (e-mail is faster).

Some of our custom items have guidelines to request them, so see the categories below. If you do not see the type of item you wish to request in the sections below, then there are no guidelines (e.g. stained glass pieces send me a pattern and relative size, artwork such as fine arts, polymer clay charms, etc).
We will ask questions to make sure we're making exactly what you want, and with jewelry items or custom charms take pictures along the way to be certain your vision is coming together!
The custom item will be listed, reserved, and you may decide whether you still want it or not based on the picture.

*Remember that all of our items are handmade, so if you request a duplicate of an item that has already sold it won't be exactly the same.*

Also, remember that custom items have custom prices and vary greatly in value. If the item is requested with a deadline for completion of less than one month a 20% fee will be added to the items final cost for rush creation.
If you have any questions about requesting items, feel free to send us a message. We love doing custom orders and we will work with you to get exactly what you want for the price you want, so don't be afraid to message us if you're worried it will be too expensive.

Requesting Candles:
You can request a regular candle, hidden jewelry treasure candle, massage oil candle, and now even meditation candles with stones sprinkled on the top.

When requesting a candle with jewelry please tell us whether you want earring studs (for studs indicate if you would like fruit, animal, random, holiday, or food OR see specifics on requesting earring studs), dangling earrings, or a bracelet. You can pick the wire for a bracelet (either silver, copper, or dark blue steel wire). For earrings (NOT studs) you can choose gunmetal, copper, or sterling silver hooks. Then tell us what colors you'd like it to be, the rest will be up to the jewelry maker (Kate). You can request up to 3 pairs of earring studs per candle. Prices vary based on contents and ounce accordingly:
***Earring Studs (+$4 for each extra pair of earring studs)
10 oz: $16
16 oz: $21
20 oz: $25
***Dangling Earrings (+$6 for each extra pair of dangling earrings)
10 oz: $18
16 oz: $23
20 oz: $27
***Beaded Bracelet
10 oz: $20
16 oz: $25
20 oz: $29
***Beaded Bracelet with a Charm
10 oz= $22
16 oz= $27
20 oz: $31
****Gemstone Beaded Bracelet
Prices vary, please contact us.

****Non-Jewelry Candles
$1.25 per oz

If you would like a different ounce amount, email us for pricing. The type of glass may also add to the cost, as these prices assume it is a plain, clear glass. Upcycled glass typically adds +$3-5, colored glasses +$2, and oddly shaped glasses +$2-5.

Scents can be mixed within a single candle upon request (please, no more than three scents per one candle). Most of these scents can be used with the Bath & Body products such as bath salts too.

Candle Scents Available (in alphabetical order):
Apple Mango Tango
Bay Rum
Beneath the Stars
Blue Raspberry Slushie
Blueberry Muffin
Butter Cream
Cherry Almond
Chocolate Orchid
Drakkar Noir
Elfin Magic
English Ivy
Exotic Coconut
Fairy Dust
French Lavender
Fresh Peach
Fresh Picked Blackberry
Forever Red
Fruit Punch
Fudge Brownie
Green Apple Explosion
Gourmet Dark Chocolate
Honey Almond
Hot Buttered Rum
Iced Tea
Inspiritu Type
In the Mood
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Killer Queen
Lemon Squares
Lime Margarita
Mocha Cappuccino
Mulled Cider
Nag Champa
Nectarine Mint
Orange Blossom
Orange Sapphire
Peanut Butter Cooke
Pineapple Jasmine
Pink Sugar
Pumpkin Crunch Cake
Pumpkin Pie
Purely Peppermint
Red Hibiscus & Acai
Red Ripe Raspberry
Sage Leaf
Sea Salt & Lotus Blossoms
Sheer Seduction
Sinfully Hot
Sleepy Time
Snickerdoodle Latte
Snow Angels
Sparkling Mojito
Spiced Pear
Spiked Cider
Strawberries and Cream
Strawberry Passion
Stormy Night
Sweet Grass
Tobacco Carmel
Vanda Orchid
Vanilla Bean Noel
Vanilla Cupcake
Vanilla Noir
Vanilla Swirl
Vanilla Verbena
~Not sure what some of these scents smell like? Send us a message and we'll describe it or at least compare it to something more common!

Requesting Sets of Earring Studs:
We are no longer doing sets based on the numbering in polymer clay earring sets.
You may still request earrings and sets in other colors or from the gallery. Remember that custom items have custom prices, but we will work with you to make your perfect earrings for the price you want to pay!

Requesting Hand Painted Charms:
Hand painted stained-glass style glass bottle charms (the paint being on the inside of the bottle so it will not fade or rub off in any way, plus it's a unique and difficult technique) are requestable. They can be requested with certain designs and/or patterns and/or colors. I can also paint metal or plastic charms. Just ask and I'll see what I can do!

The colors I have available to me now for glass charms: black, purple, red, orange, glittery yellow, aqua green, grass green, dark blue, and white.
I can also paint charms with alcohol inks, giving a unique color-blended style.

Here is a list of weaves I can do:
Barbed Wire
Dragon Tail
Japanese 12-in-2
Helm Chain

Please e-mail if you would like a price list for custom Chainmaille.If you see a pattern not on the above list, just send me an e-mail with a picture! I may be able to do it.

*Please look at the patterns I have already made for examples. If I don't have items with the weave you want, you can request it anyways as long as it's in the above list. I can also do combinations of multiple weaves. For example, I could do a Japanese 12-in-2 pendant with a Helm woven choker necklace, a Persian bracelet with a Japanese 12-in-2 focal point, etc.
You can request any colors for Chainmaille.

Requesting Bath and Body Products:
Most of our scents on the above list are body-safe, please message us to confirm a scent or combination of scents you would like are body safe.

***Massage Oil Candles
6 fluid oz: $10
8 fluid oz: $14
***Body Wash
10 fluid oz: $12
***Herbal Bath Salts
Single Scent: $1.40/ounce
Mixed Scents: $2.60/ounce
***Long-Lasting, Roll-On Oil Perfume
7 ml: $7

Absolutely FREE gift wrapping: We will gift wrap any item totally free. Just indicate in the buyers section that you want us to wrap the item.

Want a gift card? Send us a message and we can create one at ANY price (We can mail a certificate through the postal service or email one to the recipient). Request it, we'll list it!

If you have any questions about our policies and/or custom orders feel free to contact us through our facebook or e-mail us:


TexasCeramics on Apr 6, 2013
5 stars

Thank you so much for carefully packing my order and the fast shipping. The earrings are adorable and the pepper charm is getting added to my charm key chain. It is a pleasure doing business with you!

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