Antique Chinese Qing Purple Flower Heart Shard Necklace, Vintage AA Amethyst,Cape Amethyst,Vintage West German glass flower beads,Silver

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Antique Chinese Qing Purple Flower Heart Shard Necklace, Vintage AA Amethyst,Cape Amethyst,Vintage West German glass flower beads,Silver


Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty( 1644-1911) Porcelain Floral HEART shaped Shard,Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty handmade silver beads, Vintage violet cape amethyst beads, Vintage purple amethyst beads,vintage Carved Pink Rose Quartz Beads, Vintage West German pressed purple flower glass beads, Vintage Italian givre purple, pink flower glass beads

A museum quality, 28" long hand knotted necklace combining luscious shades of gem quality stone beads in cape amethyst violet, deep purple amethyst , and rose quartz pink which create the framework for this one of a kind collectible Chinese beaded necklace. I have dyed the silk bead cord a lovely violet color to blend in with the different vintage purple stone beads.
The cape amethyst beads are a substantial 10mm size ( a bit less than 1/2" in diameter ) - the amethyst beads are both 6mm and 8mm ( there are 25mm to the inch ).

All the vintage stone beads that I use in all my designs were personally selected by me and purchased in Hong Kong during the 1970s -1980s. They are top quality - beautifully cut and with a high polish. Most of the stone beads that are currently being imported are from India where labor is cheap and the standards of cutting are not those of Asia 30 years ago.

The vintage Qing porcelain heart shaped shard measures a substantial 2 1/2" wide and 2 1/4" tall and has vivid deep colors of magenta pink with violet purple undertones and a bit of celadon green for an accent color.
It has been wrapped in a silver plated bezel setting. Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty silver beads frame the shard for continuity.
The Communist regime in China began with Mao Tse Tung who instituted something he called " The Cultural Revolution" during the 1960's - 1970's. The effect of this revolution was similar to the destruction of priceless archeological artifacts by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Among the artifacts destroyed in China were countless irreplaceable antique porcelain objects such as vases and plates.

These broken pottery fragments were saved by the Chinese at the end of the "Cultural Revolution", and the beginning of the new Chinese political era (during the 1980's) . These broken pottery "shards" were salvaged and reworked or recycled into art objects ranging from pendant size as you see here to table top ornaments. You are actually purchasing fragments of broken teapots, dishes or bowls.These are genuine ANTIQUES.

Blue and white porcelain shards are from the Ming Dynasty (1368 to 1644) and the multi colored shards are from the Ch'ing Dynasty( 1644–1911/12 )

◉ PLEASE NOTE: The limited quantity of TRUE ANTIQUE shards prompted modern factories to manufacture imitations. The new shards looks similar but there are subtle differences vs. the true antiques. Chinese artisans in recent years have rescued much of this broken material, shaped the broken pieces ("shards") with smooth edges, and wrapped the fragments in a silver alloy for strength and security.
Most are fashioned as jewelry pendants with metal wire-wrapped edges.

◉ Many of the very inexpensive shards for sale online are CURRENTLY being painted on old pottery and then exported. Be sure of what you are purchasing and never be afraid to ask for documentation proving the authenticity.
Porcelain has been made in China for centuries. Much of it is so distinctive that its period of origin can be determined by typical characteristics of color and images.

◉ All the shards that I incorporate into my necklaces are truly genuine antiques and we have the certificates of authenticity from the Chinese government to prove it.

My husband was in Hong Kong multiple times during the 1980's and insisted on obtaining certificates of authenticity - YOU WILL RECEIVE A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY WITH THIS NECKLACE ***

There are 4 vintage violet purple West German 1950s pressed glass 1/2" oval flower beads and rose quartz beads in both spacers as well as unique carved beads in an 'oval twisted peanut " that we had custom cut for us in Hong Kong during the early 1980s . I used such beads in one of a kind designs I did for the Smithsonian's Sackler Gallery in Washington, D.C. ( the Smithsonian's Asian museum )

➤ The way that this type of pressed glass flower bead was made is fascinating! The glass that was going to be used was first heated on a mandrel (rod) in much the same way that lamp work beads are made today.
A 'press' which almost resembled tongs used to cook with, was then wrapped around the molten glass to form the desired shape. Many times, VERY detailed impressions were on the ends of these tongs that were used in these vintage West German ' pressed' glass beads so that the final bead looked almost as if it were 'etched' or 'carved'.

Vintage Italian purple givre glass beads which have dainty flowers in shades of pink with little green leaves compliment the deep AA grade amethyst beads.

This necklace will arrive in a vintage Chinese embroidered silk brocade purse all ready for gift giving.

**** Shipping includes insurance within the U.S. and International ***

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antique Chinese porcelain shard,Qing Porcelain shard,Ching porcelain shard,silver,cape amethyst,AA grade amethyst,Vintage German pressed glass bead,vintage Italian givre glass,pink flower heart,carved rose quartz,Qing silver beads,silk cord

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annsaab876216947 on Aug 28, 2020
5 stars

Love my beads! The coloring in the epidote was not as intense as illustrated, but it is certainly a good example of the mineral. The colors in the unakite beads are wonderful. The quality of the carving I would rate as good to excellent.
mojogirl58 on Sep 24, 2016
5 stars

Nice beads!! Super fast thanks a lot!!!
Patron292488 on Jun 22, 2015
5 stars

I have dreamed of having a necklace such as the jade one. But the red one. That was a surprise. Both are beautiful. Thank you! Best, Jane
Patron129202 on Feb 19, 2015
5 stars

Lovely color;!interesting stones.
Patron249228 on Apr 5, 2014
5 stars

When I thought that I had ordered two of these and then checked out I had to order another set. The seller was very kind and combined my two orders and refunded my shipping.

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