Rapid Intense Weight Loss Transformation, Divine Weight Loss Codes Tra


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Rapid Intense Weight Loss Transformation, Divine Weight Loss Codes Tra


Divine Music Transmissions channelled from the Blue Flame


The included Divine Codes are from the Primal Rays of Creation, the field from which everything emerges, they are living multidimensional code. Here is the basic geometry, but when seen in all its aspects, it is a moving fractal, breathing living consciousness. These codes have the power to alter your life, program a new reality.

These codes can, and will, alter your life for the purpose they are divinely programmed. Take uttermost respect and integrity when using these.

The Powerful Divine Code of Weight Loss Activation will activate and speed up your metabolism, enabling you to lose pounds effortlessly and accelerate the ascension within you.

Profound healing and immense weight loss will take place as you experience this powerful Divine Activation from the Realms of Light.

Each time you listen to the activation, you receive a great impetus of LIGHT through the powerful Divine Healing Transmissions and healing music.

Each activation has specific actions to assist you in your Soul Advancement, accelerating your Soul Evolution and Ascension into your Eternal Immortal Self, assisting you to fully Self Actualize and fulfill your Highest Destiny Potential.

This transmission has hidden within it the Divine Codes of Weight Loss. What will take place will be a transforming Sacred Alchemy that allows all that you are, ready to release to be healed and transformed. Many positive Divine Actions will be occurring on your behalf. This will include

Attaining the shape and body of a divine angel.

Obtaining the key to put a stop to weight gain.

You will achieve a small and tiny waist, beautifully thin thighs, and an extremely flat stomach.

You will start to develop abs, and with mind over matter, create your ideal body image.

You will find yourself receiving compliments from family and friends.

You will gain great confidence in your body.

You will lose your face fat.

You will no longer fit into your clothes.

Your whole body will start burning and you will feel the need to stay active.

Any stretch marks will completely disappear.

Your legs will become beautifully slim.

Your jawline and cheekbones will become defined.

You will achieve a thin, sexy neck

Your facial skin will become tight.

There will be a rejuvenation and realignment of every atom, cell and electron of your body with the Divine Intention (which is perfect health, desired weight, sexy and attractive body, energy, and vitality), as well as a deep Soul Healing of human programs and matrixes.

You will become Attractive, Seductive, Liked and Loved by Many, Instantly Pulling the girls/guys, and being forever Proud of your appearance.

Jeans will finally fit you, look amazing in crop tops (girls) or bare chest (guys)

Everyone will want to be as skinny and as fit as you.

Become a legend, on the block, all about town, everyone being amazed by your looks no matter where you go, whatever time of the day

Have your ideal body, your desired body, your dream body. Be all that you ever wished for, all that you ever wanted, since a very long time.

Be drop dead gorgeous and super popular.

Achieve an hour glass figure

Toned and slim thighs

Effortlessly eat less during meals, increase healthy eating choices, and achieve a natural and ideal body size and weight

Provides a unique divine light that touches the root spiritual cause for gaining weight. It blesses and transforms on a soul level.

Maintain new healthy eating habits and take better care of your body.

Detoxify your body, lift your mood and regain your joy in life.

Release Weight, Sadness & Depression, Neutralize negative emotions and thought forms around self and eating.

Align yourself with Healthy vibrations and beautiful, positive thought forms

Energize Your Life Force and Aura

Resonate with and know your true self

Feel the presence of universal energy within your own body mind and spirit

Experience unity with all of creation

Transmute energy blocks

Create a smooth energy flow

Activate and cleanse aura chakras and subtle energy pathways

Gently sweep through your meridians to improve your bio-field’s functioning

Integrate Yin and Yan energies

Lie down, put the printed code (attached with this audio file) under your pillow/cushion) and let the beautiful coded sounds heal and transform every cell of your body.

Burn Grapefruit Incense and
Dab Grapefruit oil all over your body to help the transformation to take place.

Become a new, vibrant, potent, mystical and super sexually attractive You.

Get in touch with the Blue Flame energy by focusing on the peace that's deep within your heart.

Expect miraculous solutions to appear

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I don't accept returns or exchanges but please contact me if you have any problems with your order.


All my readings are cold (If you wish to give me your name, dob and names of others involved, you may - but it is not mandatory.) My readings are often conducted back to back. I do not do any kind of research on an individual prior to the reading taking place. I can forget that you previously had a reading with me. I let the angels guide.

Any information you give at purchase or during a reading is strictly confidential.

Your reading remains your property. A copy can be requested at any time.


michaelmyrdal518466187 on Oct 10, 2021
5 stars

Great chrystal ball reading. Yes, ElfinGlades is recommended.

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