Handmade Gift Tag, Men's BBQ Apron for Father's Day or Birthday

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Handmade Gift Tag, Men's BBQ Apron for Father's Day or Birthday


My handmade gift tags are so versatile, and can be used for whatever you want.

This particular tag was created specifically with a man (Father, son or grandfather) recipient in mind. The handmade tag, for either Father's Day or for the birthday of a special man in your life, is in the shape of an apron. It is a miniaturized version of my full-sized apron card that I offer. Predominantly in light blue and brown this apron is manly, having a front pocket or pouch which not only holds a small insert-able greeting tag, but a removable tiny long-handled barbeque spatula and tiny hot mitt as well. The apron card even has matching light blue textured ribbon to represent the ties that would be on a real apron. Either the words "Happy Father's Day" or "Happy Birthday" can be printed on the insert-able tag - you can specify the preferred greeting when ordering, or you can request a greeting unique for your situation or even just the name of the recipient if you prefer. (My own father's birthday happens to be very close to Father's Day, and that is what this tag is based on - I killed two special occasions with one card!)

The only other words, which are on the tag itself, are "BBQ Master" - placed right on the front of the pocket of the little apron. Included in the pocket of the apron are a tiny hot mitt and spatula, as well as the tag. In blue and brown tones this is a manly apron and perfect for the man in your life who loves to cook a great BBQ meal on the grill. A thin blue ribbon, resembling the apron strings that tie at the back of the neck, can be the means by which the tag is secured to the package or gift bag. The front areas where the "neck strap" attaches are embellished with two tiny, red jewels to look like buttons - again, imitating the full-size card. These mini "buttons" and the red puffy heart on the back with the words "Handmade with love" complete the gift tag. (PLEASE NOTE: the jewel "buttons" may be a different color than what is pictured)

The back is actually where your writing should go - whether it be the standard "To" and "From" or your own unique and special message, the tag will look beautiful with barely any effort on your part::) So easy, so fun - and done the Wright Way. I don't initial or sign or mark the tags in any way so your recipient may even think you made the tag, if all you tell them is that it is handmade!

This tag comes in a small, clear, plastic wrapper, easy to just toss in a drawer where you keep cards, or to be put in the same place where you store your gift wrap for easy access when you need a quick way to address and accent a package or gift. The wrapping will protect the tag from getting marks on it and should help to protect the three-dimensional parts as well, whether the jewels, tiny spatula, hot mitt or 3D heart on the back.

So whether you have a specific person or gift in mind, or just need a back-up tag "just-in-case" instead of having to run out and getting a card, this tag is perfect. It would be a wonderful addition to any Father's Day gift, birthday gift or even a wedding gift.

I was very impressed when purchasing my first items from Artfire Merchants, that each time I received my package, I also received a small item included free-of-charge. What a fun idea, and such a pleasant surprise! I too began to include a free item to ship with any order placed from our shop - a small handmade gift tag that matched either the item being purchased or the occasion, if I knew what the gift item was for. I received wonderful feedback.

Last year, in order to beef up my inventory for a Boutique I was planning on participating in, I created a large number of gift tags, each similar in design, but unique in the colors and materials used. The styles ranged from music themed black and white tags, to Christmas tags all the way to wildly multicolored tags. Each received unique details, from quilled roses, to tatted lace added in a matching thread color. Each also received a different color and style "ribbon" - from actual ribbon to hemp cord. And each also received some type of ornamentation on the ribbon, whether it was a tiny clear bead, a colored pony bead to match or a combination of unique beads and knots. These gift tags were actually one of my most purchased items at my display table. I am now making them available in my shop. As my handmade packaging says, these tags are "Cheaper than a store-bought card and a whole lot prettier" !!

My father, perhaps like yours, has long since enjoyed barbecuing. He has accumulated all the BBQ utensils, plus some. For me, anything barbecued always brings back memories of eating a special summer meal at the picnic table in the backyard with my family. Nowadays, my father may use leaner cuts of meat, and does more chicken and fish, but he still loves a good barbecue. This tag was based on a full-size card I made especially for him a couple years ago.

One further note - if you are interested in purchasing more than one tag, please contact me by clicking the blue "Contact this seller" button near the bottom of the page. I would be happy to supply you with my bulk discount amounts and you can save even more!

Note: the idea for this style tag was based on a card seen at http://jaymamalme.blogspot.com

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Color: Blue

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SleepyCatDesigns on Apr 25, 2013
5 stars

I cannot recommend Wendy and her family highly enough! Wendy's tatted items look beautiful in the photos, but my earrings that came which she custom made to my size requirement are just gorgeous! I will enjoy wearing this lightweight and lovely design over and over, I'm sure. Just exquisite work and quality! My wooden spatula made by David, Wendy's 13-year-old son, is fantastic! It has a thicker handle than some of my spatulas and that makes it so much easier to hold and grip with my stiff arthritic hand...what a blessing! And the quality is top-notch as well. Obviously is quite committed to providing quality designs, just like his mother. My many communications with Wendy regarding my order prior to purchase and then throughout purchase and receipt were exceptionally pleasant! It is obvious the Wright Family are interested in taking good care of their customers, as well as providing beautifully crafted items of the highest quality. I could not be happier and hope to order more "stuff" from the Wrights in the future!
LindaLewis on Jan 22, 2013
5 stars

Wendy, I LOVE the earrings. Can't wait to wear them. Thanks so much!
MelodyODesigns on Jan 15, 2013
5 stars

This handmade wooden spatula is all that I had hoped for. It's both lovely and functional. The grain is beautiful and the unique labor intensive sanding process makes for a satiny smooth surface. I like the extra touch of the leather hanging loop. I just used it for the first to saute garlic and olive oil and the design fits beautifully in my hand. Thank you for a special product, exceptional customer service, careful packaging and fast shipping.

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