Palo Santo Sacred Mist Spray


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Palo Santo Sacred Mist Spray


Palo Santo is a tree from South America. The wood is burned much like white sage is burned in North America. Palo Santo's smoke clears away negative energies and provides protection. In addition to Palo Santo's well known property of clearing negative energies, Shaman in Ecuador and Peru believe Palo Santo's magic attracts *Love, *Prosperity, *Creativity and creates *Spiritual Synchronicity.
Palo Santo, Bursera graveolens, belongs to the same family of trees as Frankincense and Myrrh hinting at its properties.
Our Palo Santo Sacred Mist is made from the essential oil distilled from the heartwood of the tree. But as it is a magical tree, there is no essential oil in the leaves or wood of the living tree. The oil only come from trees that have died from natural causes (not when cut down or dying from disease) and the oil only develops in the wood after laying of the Forest floor for a minimum of 3 years but the oil is much better after waiting 6 years. You can see how the themes of birth, death and regeneration (re birth) are at play in this sacred oil.
Palo Santo Sacred Mist is great as a room spray or to mist over your body because as I like to say, "You can't always walk around with a burning stick"

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Distilled water, Palo Santo essential oil

Size: 4 ounce

Color: White

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