OOAK Halloween Pumpkin Art Doll Folk Heebie-Jeebie HBJB fdae OGLD

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OOAK Halloween Pumpkin Art Doll Folk Heebie-Jeebie HBJB fdae OGLD


OOAK Halloween Artdoll : a Pumpkin Folk Halloweenie Heebie-Jeebie by Faerydae

Vernon is a hand made, OOAK (one of a kind) sculpture, which I lovingly sculpted without the use of molds in any sense or in any aspect.

He measures 1 & 3/4 inches tall at the top of his stem and his eyes are black glass eyes, that have been set into the clay and covered with a glossy varnish. He has three large hand-sculpted leaves on his sculpted wire vine, which can be gently posed in a variety of positions.

He was sculpted with a mixture of Kato clays in a variety of hues to capture a natural tone, and then many thin washes of acrylic paints and powders were carefully applied and then finally sealed to protect him.

I stand behind my work 100%, so if something happens during shipping, or as time passes please contact me to fix the sculpt. Vernon is a one of a kind fine art polymer clay sculpture and should be handled with some care. He is not meant to be a toy, nor is he intended for children.

Vernon is signed with my mark and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.


I will carefully pack and ship my sculpture to reach you undamaged and whole.

Any international bidders - please realize this might be a dutiable shipment, and as such, customs do charge a fee (usually based on the value of the shipment being shipped) for it to be allowed to pass through customs.

The buyer will be responsible to pay these fees!

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product


For all those asking the question: "What are heebie-jeebies?"

Heebie-Jeebies are generally meant to mean a feeling of anxiousness, when your hair stands on end, or your palms go clammy, knots in the belly, or you have a scared or nervous feeling - a case of the willies as it were.

I always sort of thought that those were caused by little magical beings as a kid, and so I thought Heebie-Jeebies were the name for those little pesky fey-folk that like to pinch and trick and prank us.

So for me ... they were little fey critters. Creatures of the unseelie ... those that live in the dark corners, cracks and crevices, under beds and in cabinets, far in the back ... where the light doesn't *quite* reach. They are those that creep, that slither, that crawl, that scurry when the light comes on.

They were responsible for rat's nests in m

Materials Used

polymer clay and wire.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Polymer clay and wire

Size: 1 and 3/4 inches tall

Color: Grey

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This will then be placed into a bubble padded envelope for additional protection to help to insure your ACEO or bookmark reaches you undamaged as much as I can.

Boxes and sculptures will be carefully packed and double-boxed so that the item will arrive to you undamaged.

Items will be shipped no later than 3 business days after notification of payment received.


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