Hogwarts Personalized Acceptance Letter with travel ticket


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Hogwarts Personalized Acceptance Letter with travel ticket


This is a beautiful and handmade personalized wizard and witch acceptance letter to witchcraft and wizardry school. Included is a free travel ticket!

The letter includes:

- A personalized acceptance letter to the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on real parchment.
- A quality parchment envelope which can be personalized to any address.
- A list of requirements that you will need for your first year studying.
- A gold foil Hogwarts Express ticket
- A real wax seal to close the envelope.

In order to make this personalized, I need the following from you upon your order, just put this information in the comment box at checkout.
Recipient name (i.e. Mr Harry Potter)
Recipient bedroom location (i.e. The Bedroom Under the Stairs)
Recipient address (i.e. 4 Privet Dr, Little Whinging, Surrey)

Product Attributes

Color: Yellow

Type: Parchment Letter

Theme: Harry Potter

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