2 dozen Chewy oatmeal raisin cookies comma with and without nuts


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2 dozen Chewy oatmeal raisin cookies comma with and without nuts


Made to order, chewy Oatmeal cookies. Standard is with raisins and no nuts. May remove raisins or add any kind of nut just message me and let me know within one hour of ordering.

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Color: Black

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Dragon's Trove is a collection of games, crafts and services rolled into a single storefront. Basically if I am physically capable of doing the task I will. If I am unable I will find a way to make it happen. I enjoy gaming, painting, stitching, crochet, needlepoint, embroidery, sewing and mending and any generally fun and crafty work!


Shipping is based on first class or parcel post via USPS. You can always request upgrade to priority or express shipping during checkout.


All items are HAND MADE - so please expect some minor imperfections or differences in items. I do my best to make everything as perfect as humanly possible.

At this time no refunds or returns are permitted except if personalization is incorrect. I try to scan and send you a print of the finished project to ensure I got the personalization correct but mistakes do happen. No refunds or exchanges will be made once picture approval is given - FOR ANY REASON! This includes if the product arrives late or damaged. If you are on a tight deadline please try to order early or expect to pay an additional $20 for express shipping and for me to set aside all other work to concentrate on your project.


Appreciation for a "job well done" is always welcome. I have been told on many occasions that I undercharge for my work and often will receive another equal, or more, payment after the customer received the project. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Since almost all of the products offered by Dragon's Trove are custom order I must start with a conversation. Please contact me to get started with your custom order. Your order will either be setup as a custom listing for you or I will request you purchase a specific number of the item you are looking at!

Through emails and conversation we will hammer down the product until it is perfect and you LOVE the end result. That is when you will make your purchase. I will then keep you abreast of all that is happening - please do not inundate with me a ton of questions as having to answer notifications and emails takes a lot of time away from me working with you. Also if it gets obnoxious I will cancel your order and even move your project to the bottom of the stack making it take longer to complete.

Finally you will receive a photograph of the final project. This is the only way I can do approval. I have no problems taking and uploading as many photographs as you need, but the product will not be sent until you approve the photographs. The reason for this is no refunds will be offered once photographs are approved - and Paypal has been supportive of this policy in any dealings I and others have had with them.

Q: Do you accept payments other than Paypal?
A: I most certainly do! Checks will be held for 10 days to ensure the check clears, money orders are subject to my and the bank's inspection for proof of authenticity. Cash for small amounts can be sent at your own risk. Unless this payment is a deposit I will go ahead and start your project so that when the check or Money Order clears your project is ready to be shipped; if your payment is a deposit no work will begin until the waiting period is over.

Q: I don't have a paypal account but I do have a credit card - how can I pay you?
A: Simple, you do not need a paypal account in order to make a credit card payment through paypal. When your receive the invoice that is generated from paypal for your Uniimi purchase there is an option to pay by credit card without creating an account (may also be called make one time payment).

Q: Do you return everything that I send you?
A: Everything except the needles are returned. Often needles break and most projects I have to replace these once or twice. However if you already have a project sorted and started I will ensure your sorting tools are returned to you along with all parts of the project itself.

Q: Why do you require up-front payment? Don't you trust me?
A: Unfortunately the answer to this is a resounding NO. I used to have my business promoted on amazon.com, ebay.com, and even yahoo auctions. It was successful (or so I thought) at first but I had 3 people send me projects and then demand refund from paypal because they claimed the project was not done to their satisfaction. I was lucky that I had taken pictures and saved all emails; paypal did not refund their money and they tried to give me negative feedback which ruined my reputation. Therefore I require upfront payment because paypal cannot demand payment, but they can refuse a refund. I hope that our relationship will not be like this, but I work hard and do a good job, I deserve to be paid for my work!

Q: Why do you list free shipping but then require me to ship the kit and supplies to you?
A: You ship the project to me, I pay for shipping to return the finished project to you. In theory the shipping amount is the same for both of us since it is the same weight/size. If this bothers you I am happy to roll your 50% of total shipping costs into the estimate I give you but then you have to use my choice of shipping methods!

Q: What shipping method to you recommend?
A: put the project on a scale, of any kind, and get an idea of the weight. Then go online to usps.com (UPS is okay, but can be unreliable for tracking and never use FedEx at my current location) and do a price comparison. If you like online shopping you can also print and purchase a shipping label online, arrange for a flat-rate box or envelope to be dropped off and for a carrier to pick up the package! Parcel post is the least expensive but often the price is very close to what you would pay for the flat-rate boxes and it arrives faster. Whatever you use to ship I will use that same method or faster to return the project; so I leave it up to you how you wish to get the kit to me.

Q: Can you do a project if I just saw a picture in a magazine or book?
A: Most likely the answer is yes. You will have to give me as much detail as possible (book/magazine name, date, page number) or best is to see if you can find a picture of it on the web and send me a direct link. I will look at the picture and see if I can find a pattern or create a pattern (please allow 24-48 hours for research) then quote a price on the time and materials I will need. This might double your cost in some cases but at least you won't have to run around town trying to find all the supplies needed!

Q: What if all of the supplies needed are not included?
A: Let me know and I will roll the cost of obtaining the supplies into your cost estimate. I have many "hard to find" extras in my sewing supplies and rather than spend $10 for a full roll (when you only needed about a foot) I would charge only a nickel for the bit used. My estimates are always to the nearest dollar and I use common sense judgement to decide which way I should round. I have no problem parting with a 5-cent piece of floss but it saves you significantly to let me know in advance if anything is missing!

Q: What if I open my project package and it is ruined?
A: I will NEVER send a ruined project to you. I have actually done a Christmas Stocking that was almost completed when my son spilled red juice on it and at my own cost I started it over again. I would rather take a pay cut and have a happy customer! Of course if the materials arrive ruined I will have to charge extra to complete the project, also if the project is ruined in shipping there is not much I can do. I would be happy to do the project over again re-quoting for the supplies needed or you can request insurance when you pay for shipping. I have never legitimately had a problem with shipping destroying a product.


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