Gemstone Parcel for Wire Wrapping Gemstone Collection. Full Tray of 50

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Gemstone Parcel for Wire Wrapping Gemstone Collection. Full Tray of 50


Rare Wire Wrapping Gemstone Parcel

This lot contains a large variety of High Quality Cut and Rough Gemstones from around the world. This lot is ideal for Wire Wrappers, Jewelers and High End Gem Collectors. This parcel contains the anywhere from 1-30pcs of the following gems per jar, starting from the top left corner of the first photo going across to the right and down:

Large Petroleum Quartz

Ruby, Blue Sapphire and Emerald Accent Stones

Green Tourmaline

Vanadinite Crystals

Red Clinohumite

Opal Cabochons

Fancy Sapphire Accents

Blue Spinel Cluster

Large Wulfenite Crystal

Small Wulfenite Clusters

Ethiopian Welo Opal

Indicolite (Blue) Tourmaline

Malachite Cluster

Fancy Colored Marquise Cut Tourmaline Crystals

Double Terminated Gem Quality Rhodochrosite

Large Trillion Cut Kunzite Facet

Small Petroleum Quartz

Brazilian Emerald Cut Emerald Facet

Fancy Colored Sapphire Facets

Oval Cut Purple Spinel

Azurite with Malachite Cluster

Ajoite included Quartz Crystals

Facet Grade Colombian Emerald Rough

Paprok Watermelon Tourmaline Slices

Botryoidal Rhodochrosite Rough

Large Vietnamese Aquamarine Crystal

Bixbite (Red Emerald) Crystals

Small Facet Grade Colombian Emeralds

Oval Cut Rose Quartz

Baguette Cut Rhodolite Garnet

Oval Cut Blue Kyanite Cabochons

Deep Blue Marquise Cut Topaz

Large Tsavorite (Green) Garnet Crystal

Watermelon Tourmaline Slice w/ Rainbow Iris'

Double Terminated Red Spinel Rough

Blue Tanzanite Rough

Oval Cut Violet Tanzanite Facets

Green Demantoid Garnet Clusters

Bicolor Pederneira tourmaline

Large Baguette Cut Tourmaline

Pair of High Quality Larimar Cabochons

AAA Grade Larimar Cabochon

Long Moldavite Crystal Rough

Red Ammolite Cabochon Doublet

Cushion Cut Pinkish Purple Tourmaline Facet

Vietnamese Aquamarine Crystals

Shigar Aquamarine Crystals

Epidote Crystal Cluster

Fire Agate Cabochon

Hessonite (orange) Garnet Cluster

*****Each Jar contains between 1 and 30 of the listed stones. You will receive every gem in the photos including the tray and gem containers. Feel free to message me with any questions or requests. I am currently accepting best offers for this lot.****

Buy with trust from an Accredited Jewelry Professional Issued by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).
All Profits go directly to Terrapin Station Sober Living NFP. For more information google "Terrapin Station Sober Living non for Profit".

Materials Used

Blue Kyanite,Spinel,Heliodor,Tanzanite,Vietnamese Aquamarine,Peridot,Crystals,Gemstones,Blue Topaz,Faceted Gems,Ajoite,Opal Cabochons,Colombian Emerald

Product Attributes

Color: Black

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CurlewLakeJewelry on Jan 19, 2021
5 stars

Loved my crystals from this shop! They are beautiful, beautiful. Quick shipping and they were packaged with care. I will be back for more. Thank you TSSLGems and Jewels!! Loretta Poe

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