Plastic bottle cutter: get free rope, heat shrink band from PET bottle


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Plastic bottle cutter: get free rope, heat shrink band from PET bottle


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What's that for?

I’m sure that you and your family every week use plenty of PET bottles (plastic bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate).

Mineral water, juice, milk, Cola, beer etc. – it is all commonly packed in PET bottles.

When bottle is empty, you just throw it into trash bin. It’s not so bad if you town has recycling facility for PET bottles. If not they are just taken to dumping ground.

Why not get some extra utility from used PET bottles?

Take advantage of PET bottle cutter - this simple yet very useful appliance.

With bottle cutter, you may cut any PET bottle to get PET rope or band with variable width (approx. 1-9 mm).

Check out this video to see how simple it is to extract a PET rope from a bottle:

What advantages does P.E.T. rope have?

Well, the most obvious – you get a FREE PET ROPE and you may use it anywhere you may need a rope – at home, in the garden, in camping, during outdoor activities or travelling, for your DIY needs or anywhere else. Just take empty PET bottle and here it is – a PET rope or a band just for no cost. A 2.5 L PET bottle can provide up to 40 meters of 2 mm rope (may vary depending on bottle form).
It is not JUST A ROPE - it is a STRONG rope! 3 mm wide rope can hold about 8 kg of weight, 4 mm rope holds 12 kg (please note this is approximate values, which may vary depending on the thickness of PET bottle).
PET rope is WEATHERPROOF! It is not afraid of high and low outdoor temperature, it won’t be destroyed under UV rays of Sun, it won’t get rot even staying in wet place or under water for a long time.
PET rope and band has thermoshrink properties (shrinks when being heated). It means that you may just regularly tie the rope to fix the joint and then heat it (with heater or just over gas stove) and the rope will shrink and provide much more firm joint! Just check out video testing of garden chair – it does not have even a finished frame and it is fixed just with PET rope without single nail or screw! And it still can easily hold great dynamic loads.

5 By cutting PET bottles for you needs you make your town and the environment much cleaner – very soon you’ll note that you have a lack of PET bottles ))).
So with PET rope extractor you can get almost endless amount of a FREE, FIRM and WEATHERPROOF rope with THERMOSHRINK abilities. You may get the rope in assorted colors according to the color of the bottle.

Basic item comes with one cutting blade installed! It is recommended to buy extra pack of 5 or 10 blades for replacement.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Aluminium

Size: 13х2х2 сm

Color: Silver

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