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Antler Hair Fork Wishbone GTS Hair Art Hairfork

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Our wood and antler hair forks are amazingly comfortable and strong for Men and Women's hair, and will hold your hair up well while looking stunning. Hair forks help keep very long hair out of harms way to reduce breakage and damage, and they also give great hold to very thick or long hair and reduce scalp stress. These things all help facilitate better and healthier hair growth!

A new design Shed Antler hair fork! This is made using the whole tine as the fork! It's reversible and can be used in damp hair ! This takes a special type of Antler tine to make! we are calling it the wishbone. It weighs in at .5 ounces, it is strong and unique, natural and fun!

This antler has a wonderful texture with greys and browns in the textures of the antler. It is sleek,unique, and holds like a rock! wonderfully strong and comfortable! The Wishbone antler hairfork can be worn in damp hair, and would be suitable for all types and lengths of hair!

Antler is an incredibly strong material.These are virtually indestructible! They have a little bit of spring to them and hold incredibly well while looking unique and lovely.

Can you imagine the brave hunter bringing home his trophy that will feed and clothe his family for the winter months to come,and not wanting to waste any part of their provision, he makes an antler hair fork for his bride to adorn her long locks! A true gift of time and love.

This is finished and sealed.
This is cut from one whole tine . The working length is 4.5 inches(11.5 cm) with a total length of 7 inches(17.8 cm). This has a slight head curve.The action picture is a fork of similar shape and size.

Inspiration / Story behind this Product:
Antlers are shed and regrown every year by deer and elk. No animals were harmed to acquire these antlers. Local "shed hunters" go around during the shedding season and collect them off of the ground. They are extremely strong and a renewable resource!
The tips on these do not touch but if they are too close for you to insert, you can do the following:
TO insert the sticks into an updo, hold the tips apart(unless your tips are already apart) as you begin to grab the hair, then as you go down into the hair let go and they "clamp down" as they go in, providing fabulous hold to any type or thickness of hair.

Product Attributes

Color: Grey

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