Hex Removal & Protection - Extreme - Booklet / PDF With Order

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Hex Removal & Protection - Extreme - Booklet / PDF With Order


Get fixed and protected. You could be hexed or cursed. I will remove it and protect you. Do you feel surrounded with negative spell energy, do you feel cursed, do people seem to have a negative effect on you? Do things always seem to go wrong in your life? Are you kept awake by worries that simply just pop into your mind? Do you feel down, sad or constantly depressed?

Spell Energies that Cleanse and Protect over any and all Negative Energies!
Safely Remove Negative Spells. Effective Curse Removal and Black Magic Removal.
Protective Energies KEEP ALL Evil Spells, Curses, Hex's etc AWAY FOR GOOD.

Although one Hex Removal & Protection Spell is strong enough, you can purchase two of this spell and I will cast for two another person you choise.


1- Your Full name and birth date
2- Full Names of any other people involved in the spell
3- Birth dates of the other people
(optional - only if this is known)
4- A brief history of your situation

Please note, sometime spells are instant, but most times they tend to manifest slowly over a period of days or even weeks. I cannot do a spell where your desire is to physical harm to someone. This is a strong spell, but is not evil. You will need to focus your intentions and visualize after the spell. If I feel your spell is a complex case, you will be notified of what to expect with these types of manifestations.

Your Satisfaction is important to me. I work carefully with you spell casting to help bring wishes forth for each. However, not every spell cast will come about immediately or in the way you think. Most do but some need another casting or something from you. Some are just not meant to be. Usually, you will notice something within 30 days, some take me longer to accomplish. For this reason, though I use great skill and intense magick, I will not put promises on spells. I cannot do a spell where your desire is to physical harm to someone.

I am happy to provide any Custom Spells. If there is something specific you need and don't see what your looking for please ask, I will be happy to help or assist in any way. With love spells, you have a 50 /50 chance of success. You will need to focus your intentions and visualize after the spell. A follow up prayer containing energy created through your spell casting, will be emailed to you. Depending on the prayer, you may have simple instructions for ritual, such as lighting a candle.

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Please contact me if you have questions. I am by law required to point out that anyone who orders from me does so with the understanding that my services are for entertainment purposes only, and are not a substitute for proper advice from a relevant professional. I can read only for those aged 18 or over.

If your question is unsuitable I will let you know. I reserve the right to decline to do a reading if I feel that is the best course of action. Please do not ruin my feedback because I am adhering to my ethics.
Payment Paypal or ArtFire methods or as we decide. Payment at the time of ordering.

Cancellations: I won't cancel on you, unless you change your request to something I cannot ethically or morally do. If you decide you don't want the reading after you have already ordered it and paid for it, I cannot refund your money. Shipping your reading or any item purchased through this shop will be sent via e-mail (or as we decide).

I will send your reading in a PDF format and there may be a talisman or other item in the mail. I will need an email and mailing to send anything that you order from this shop. Thank you.

Most readings are shipped out in 3 to 5 Business days unless otherwise specified. All orders are shipped in a first come first served type of manner.

I am working on your orders as they come in. With your purchase you are agreeing to these terms.


Thank you for your purchase. All readings take up time and involve effort (sometimes extensive planning and preparation on my part) and many require time and action on your part. So please do not request a refund simply because the information in the reading was not what you wanted to hear. I will consider refunds on a case by case basis. It may be that we do a supplemental reading.


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