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Maitland, FL, United States

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Geeky pagan business in Maitland, FL, USA

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Get to Know

We're a team of artists, nerds, and longtime friends. For years we dreamt of having our own shop, and we made that dream real in April 2011. Each of us brings our own special skills to the table, and we love unearthing long-lost treasures - and creating new ones - to delight our customers.

----- Fox Wolfen -----

- Co-Owner, Shop Keep, Artistic Welder -

Greetings! My name is Fox Wolfen and I'm just your average Pagan crafter with a love of Wood and Metal working. I enjoy working at night by the light of the moon or from the light of my blow-torch and make costume accesories and other fun pagan or geek themed nik-nak items. I am also a huge fan of Sci-Fi, Comics, and cartoons.

----- Ada -----

- Co-owner, webmaster, henna artist -

Ada has been creating henna artwork since 2003, and while zie carries a book of designs to shows, zie prefers doing custom work designed by clients. Hir other hobbies and artistic interests include cartooning, tie-dye, jewelry making, decoupage, and vegan cooking.

----- Jynx -----

- Resident Toy Maker, My Little Pony collector, and Sign Language enthusiast -

Jynxie Rose is the resident crochet artist responsible for the adorable amigurumi animals that are featured at the shop. Always a Ravenclaw, her thirst for knowledge in communication led her to get an AA in Sign Language Interpreting, and now works at a preschool teaching youngsters American Sign Language, in addition to her continued role at a local theme park in the entertainment division. In her spare time, Jynxie Rose enjoys reading, crocheting fun and delightful toys, playing on the internet and collecting vintage My Little Ponies.

It is her love of the "My Little Pony" franchise that inspired her to make her own pony rescue, in which she is in the process of creating a place for collectors to be able to trade, pony for pony, with her in an effort to complete collections and to preserve the ever-dwindling supply of the Generation 1 ponies. She is always on the lookout for ponies, so feel free to contact her at JynxieRose@mlponyrescue.com to arrange a meetup. If you're interested in seeing more, visit her atwww.mlponyrescue.com, or visit the gallery of ponies at www.mlponyrescue.com/Galleries.