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Victoria, BC, Canada

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Unique jewelry with artistic designs. High quality stones, gems, crystals, pearls, and more! One of a kind designs.

Get to Know

I am a recent university graduate with a degree in Psychology. I began making jewelry and taking classes as a fun hobby to create things for myself and friends and family. It grew into a small business. I create things out of my home part-time. In designing I go where the wind takes me and aim to just have fun! I hope you will with my pieces too. Most of the pieces reflect my own taste and as such ranges from fun to fancy and everywhere in between. From old to young, something for all ages!

I aim to make all my products high quality, and search for the best stones and metal I can find. I aim to use sterling silver and real gold (except in some charms that come plated!). I make up my designs as I go to try to make each piece unique. If you find yourself in love with a design but not so much with the stone let me know and we'll see what we can work out!!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or feedback! I aim to make this as pleasant an experience for both of us as I can!

All breast cancer support themed items are in honor of my nana Angela Stuart, Toni Koerner, and all the other people in my life who have been affected by breast cancer. Proceeds from the sale of each piece goes to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, which funds research education and awareness programs in the pursuit of a future without breast cancer; and the Avon Foundation which in addition to providing some research grants for a cure, largely runs programs that enable all patients access to quality care believing that women should get treatment no matter their financial situation.

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