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I have always loved wearing unique design jewelry in the form of the necklace, earrings, bangles, hair accessories. For me, a jewel is not just any ornaments but a priceless gift which has been passed down from one generation to another. They may not necessarily be in the form of expensive premium material such as gold, copper or silver. I firmly believe that the sentiments attached to any particular necklace or ring have far more value than the market price" says the founder of The Jewel, Mrs. Dimpal Nemade- Deore

When I used to go for shopping, I used to wonder why are the ornaments are so expensive when the original material was relatively cheap. Of course, no doubt the sweat work put by artisans in creating these products is priceless. But still, they were way higher for commoners like me to buy.And this motivated me to create awesome unique designs at a price which local regular shoppers can buy. Along with it, I provide creation of customized design where the customer can be the artist herself.

After I started creating the products on a more substantial volume basis, the biggest obstacle which I came across was where to sell jewelry? How can I reach out to more new ladies as customers? How much commission will I have to pay the aggregator? These were a few questions which I came across. I learned that just creation is not enough, but selling is way more essential. It is an art and science of understanding the needs of customers. We need to study the interest of customers and be present where they are.

I started sharing the design with my friends and family relatives through WhatsApp. This helped me to reach out to more people, but I came across an experience where the jewelry designs I had created, were shared by some sellers on the WhatsApp group. And I was stunned and learned that you need to protect your jewelry product designs and creativity. Simple way was to put a watermark on every photo of my products.

After a few months of experimentation, I started getting 15- 20 orders per month and wanted to scale my business. I signed up on e-commerce giants, but due to the tedious compliance paperwork process, it affected my creativity. I had to sit and focus on their complicated process of selling thoroughly. But later, I took a decision that is better if I sell on my own, under my brand name. And luckily, I figured a new method for selling the lifestyle products at almost zero cost. Selling through social media, i.e., Facebook marketplace and Instagram. I set up a Facebook Business Page and Instagram account under my brand name and started sharing the product links on various lifestyle selling & buying groups. And till now, my sales have increased 10 times, and I look forward to growth

We provide customized jewelry products in any form or combination bead, antique oxide, brass metal, silk thread, crystal, kundan. You can check out my facebook page.

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We are Creating unique design jewelry in the form of the Ring Bracelet necklace, earrings, bangles, hair accessories With the Sterling Silver Metal and we makes Pure Jewelry With Natural Gemstone And we have many Type Of Jewelry Here,