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Chester Heights, PA, United States

Quick Blurb

Artist inspired by nature creating with natural and recycled materials.


Nature, animals, historical houses, Native American culture, fine art, gardening, decorating, family, music

Skills and Techniques

Sand painting; Making handmade paper from natural and recycled materials; Drawing and painting with acrylics and watercolors, colored and graphite pencils, pastels, and ink; graphic design and illustration; flower arranging.

Get to Know

Welcome to my studio! I am an artist inspired by nature. As a child, I was fascinated observing the natural world. I remember telling stories about images I found in clouds, hunting for four-leaf clovers, and playing with a "pet" caterpillar in my favorite climbing tree. I loved animals of all types and I was a rescuer of small helpless creatures that my pets caught at dusk on warm summer nights. I am still interested in nature and believe we are all stewards of the earth and all who dwell here. We can each do our part to rescue nature a little at a time. I am a strong advocate of recycling and have created recycled materials, which I use in my work. Natural plant fibers and parts are also included in many of my pieces. My mind is filled with many more ideas than I have time to create! I have been involved in many endeavors, and should have several arms like that Hindu deity, so my body could keep up with my mind's creations! I am also interested in native cultures and I am influenced by Native American art. I love sand paintings and the textural quality of painting on sand. Native American sand paintings have religious significance; therefore, I would not want to reproduce traditional designs, but instead allow the influence to show in my work to honor this beautiful culture. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I love collecting ornaments for our home. Many of the ornaments I have hold special memories for me of Christmases past and loved ones who either passed keepsakes on to me, or gave me ornament gifts that became treasured heirlooms. I enjoy designing special ornaments for others and have given many of my ornaments to friends, family, and associates. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with a concentration in Graphic Design, and a minor in Printmaking. I have worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for various companies and individuals. I became interested in handmade paper after seeing an example of it including natural leaves and flowers. I thought it was beautiful, so I set out to make my own paper, experimenting with natural fibers such as cotton, kozo, and plant materials. I even cooked down cornhusks that I collected after a picnic, and made paper out of them, which I included in some of my work. Nature holds such wonderful textural variety! I began doing sand paintings of animals, and it was suggested to me that I should do pet portraits on slate or something similar. For many years, I was commissioned to do pet portraits in colored pencil and graphite, although my first commission was a watercolor painting of a beloved boat! I enjoyed meeting all the animal enthusiasts with whom I had a common interest, but I found I was happier when the portraits were done than I was actually doing them. I worked with such intense attention to details, that it made them very stressful to produce. This weight on my creative muscle was so restrictive that I felt like my wings had been clipped, so I freed my spirit to pursue other artistic expressions. I have incorporated many of my interests into designing and producing Christmas cards each year for my own use. I have done portraits of my own pets in these, but I am able to have artist's license to change and create at will! I don't need to painstakingly reproduce each detail, as I did for my commissioned portraits. For the first time, I am offering my cards for sale in limited quantities. My artistic journey continues! I am excited to begin showing my work on ArtFire. Please browse my studio, and if anything interests you, let me know!

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