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Raleigh, NC, United States


disco ball beads, pave beads, pave, beads, supplies, shamballa, swarovski, pave tubes, rhinestone, crosses, connectors, hip hop, urban, basketball wives jewelry

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I am a typical broke college student LOL. I go to school full time, work part-time and still just never seem to have enough money to cover my expenses (aka Mall journeys)

My mom makes jewelry and she is ALWAYS buying supplies for her bright ideas and then she never uses the supplies! Have no fear!!! I know where she buys her supplies, so if you need more of any item-- I can get it for you!! One of a kind listings will be noted.

So I came up with my own "BriteIdea", I'll ask her, nicely, to let me have any supplies that she hasn't used, and let me sell them - to help fund my "mall journeys".

I hope this works!! It will be a win/win for both of us. I'll get a little extra $, she'll find herself giving me less $ AND she'll have more room for more supplies (wink wink). Nice circle huh :=D

I know that I'm new here, and I have no feedback. I'm a hard worker and truly motivated, so please - take a chance and it you see something in my shop you need -- buy it!! You're protected by PayPal anyway :D !!