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Garland, Texas, United States

Quick Blurb

I am infatuated with color, obsessed with detail, and completely addicted to cuteness! I also have a fixation on gemstones.


music, painting, drawing, comics, jewelry, beads, polymer clay, recycling, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, rocks, wire wrapping

Skills and Techniques

There are few mediums I've not had the opportunity to work with at least once. If I haven't worked with it personally, there's a distinct possibility I've at least read up on the topic. My favorite things to work with are natural semi-precious gems for jewelry, Photoshop CS2 and Graphire3 tablet for digital art, and watercolor in all its forms for traditional art.

Find me online @:

http://www.mixedmayhemstudios.co… http://www.facebook.com/mixedmay… http://demonsisera.deviantart.co… http://www.twitter.com/mixedmayh…

Get to Know

I'm probably the girliest tomboy you'll ever meet. I'm also the oddest, citified, country loving girl you'll ever come across. I quite happily "blame" my parents for all of my quirks.My parents are divorced, but I am not your atypical byproduct that most children of divorcees seem to embody. It was always shocking to me growing up how astounded my friends would be after learning that my parents actually were on amicable terms. I think in many ways my parents having separated allowed me to learn about two vastly different life styles, and it's that unique point of view that keeps me grounded and influences my creations.I never would have known about Dallas and the overall charm and elegance of city life without my mother. I wouldn't have been able to learn about so many different cultures and foods, either. Without my father I never would have developed an appreciation of simpler, quieter times spent in the country.I wouldn't be me if I weren't in some strange way from two vastly different worlds. All of these things I draw upon, and in many subtle ways can be seen within the works I create. It's also why my tastes are so varied. It's not that I can't make up my mind, it's that there's so much on my mind!I also love to read, but find I have little time for it between trying to run my own business and being employed. It's a precarious balance. I think I'm doing okay so far.A wonderful friend of mine and fellow artist once told me that I don't draw enough. It's true. That's another thing I'm working on. I need to create more. I am happiest when I've created something, even if it's just a doodle on the side of my notebook page.

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