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Hollis, ny, United States

Quick Blurb

Etching Essense specializes in etching portraits on mirrors.Creating memories to last a life time.


Glass and Mirror Etching, Gold leafing, Candle making, Incense making, Graphics, Engraving

Skills and Techniques

I create custom stencils for pictures, etc to etch on glass. I use the acid etch method to apply designs on glass/mirrors. I do custom graphics. Colorize black and white pictures, digital photo restoration, logo, flyers, etc

Get to Know

I've been doing glass etching for a few years. I feel that when glass is use to preserve a memory, it will last a life time, its something that will be cherish for ever. That is why I love to do portraits, it keeps that person alive whether they are still living or has passed on to a high life. It keeps the words of a poem alive, etc. I specialize in doing portraits on mirrors. I create my own stencils, so whatever kind of design you would like or think, I can pretty much put it on glass/mirror. I do designs for all Occasions: Weddings-Anniversaries-Birth Announcements- Graduation-Retirement-Friendship-Birthdays-Funerals-And More. If you need Graphics, I provide this service also. Specializing in colorizing black and white picture, digital photo restoration. How about the family reunion? Have all family members who are deceased place on one picture with a beautiful background and you can even have a saying added to it. I also design flyers,logos, personalize bookmarks, etc.

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