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Quick Blurb

Love painting, drawing and designing. Enjoy reading and love cats. I love making custom items for people and enjoy the challe


Paint, acrylics, costuming, makeup art, design, drawing, wood

Skills and Techniques

Drawing, painting, designing, woodworking

Get to Know

Greetings and Salutations. I am happy to have you looking at my artwork. I have always enjoyed painting and drawing. My mother inspired my creativity and she always seemed to be making and creating things. I hope that you will enjoy my work and also share links of your works with me. I enjoy supporting artists and appreciate the hard work, passion, blood, sweat and tears that go into creating.

Some of the work on my site is a joint effort between my mother and myself (the snowman, NBC box and brooches)--the rest are entirely my creations.

A portion of my sales will go to help patients under Palliative care that cannot afford medications, food, etc. I feel very passionate about giving back to others and feel that Palliative care is a wonderful program that helps so many people.