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Albuquerque, NM, United States


I spent the entire summer of 2018 practicing Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Pranayama Breathing and Meditation. That summer changed my life. After graduating and becoming a certified yoga instructor I finally found the tools I needed to truly understand the meaning of what my purpose was on this earth. I begin to put the time and energy into my craft as a professional artist and photographer. Photography is what drives my inspiration for each and every one of my paintings. I see art in everything, and I use what I see to create.

Skills and Techniques

Sometimes my inspiration for a painting comes to me simply by looking at someone or something I admire. It may be a man or woman, an animal, or even a flower. Other times I may find it in a photo I take, or a photo that I feel inspired by. Blending art with many different subjects is where I meet my creativity and once I begin to sketch my idea I cant seem to stop.

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Get to Know

Angela M. Ortiz, a self-taught artist from Northern New Mexico fell in love with painting as a young girl. Being raised alongside of tile makers, sculptors, potters and other creative’s, It was only natural for Angela to find her inherited inspiration.

Specializing in original fine art paintings, Angela expresses her creativity by blending art with many different perspectives and a variety of subjects. Her art is found to be unique and one of a kind by her use of color, texture and symbolism, allowing each piece to come to life and connect with its own story.

Angela currently works out of her home based art studio in North East Albuquerque, and prefers to keep her exhibitions close. You can view and purchase Angela’s full collection of canvas paintings right here on Art Fire and on her website.

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