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Quick Blurb

I've always worked as an artist, then fiber artist. Ultimately I fell in love with leather work and making wearable art.


Hand crafted leather work, bead embroidery, rustic jewelry, weaving, original designs and my own patterns are my passions. Native American influence and primitive technology often guide my art and the themes of motifs I use on bags, pouches, or mojos.

Skills and Techniques

Bead work including embroidery, off loom weaving such as Peyote stitch, and stringing; leather work done by hand; weaving with fibers; and painting or burning designs on leather are my current commercial passions. All my life I have painted, drawn, illustrated, loved pointillism, quill pen work, and done gallery showing.

I've been bit by many bugs: knitting, crochet, weaving, sewing of all types both by hand and machines. I love making masks, rattles, lodge shields, and dancing sticks.

Get to Know

A lifelong passion for art, fascination with North American Native lore, commitment to primitive technology and aboriginal technique + an eclectic contemporary approach to design = exclusive NO-2-EVER-ALIKE handmade creations. Here is a sampling of my wearable fiber art.

I make all of my own patterns and designs with the only exceptions being the occasional North American Native motif I have borrowed from, or been strongly influenced by museum pieces - my interpretation of course!

I've always worked as an artist, mostly self-employed, doing everything from tech illustration to gallery showings. In the 1990's I got interested in fiber arts and ended up doing scabbards for a Blademaster. That began my love affair with leather. Field pieces to show scabbards and primitive sheaths totally changed my focus.

Branching into weaving (wall art, masks, neck pouches), rattles, dancing sticks, and lodge shields followed. Painting on fabric, bone, leather and raw hide was companion to many of these. All the while I continued to design bags and pouches of all sorts, sizes and descriptions.

For years we've had a web site with a wide range of items, but 3 years ago we were wiped out by fire that took our home and my studio. Miraculously some of my tools and a few of my supplies survived due to the diligence of my husband, John's salvage efforts, but most supplies, patterns, sketch books, samples and prototypes, all of the web site inventory, and most all of my art was lost. We are intending to use the site as a gallery, and not sure beyond that.

Now I am very excited about our Artfire shop and hope to start sales with neckwear and handbags, and pouches of all types, including wee woven "neck wefans" (tiny mojos: beaded and leather lined bags).

Ab-originals by kate is a division of Spire Artworks, Diversified; doing business for over 24 years in Washington State, USA with my partner, best friend, and husband John.

I would like to thank you very much for visiting our shop!

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