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Dayton, Ohio, United States

Quick Blurb

Inspired by family, nature, fantasy novels and art, my spirituality and folklore.


folklore, rocks, minerals, color vibrations, language of clothes, wicca, wire, polymer clay, fantasy,

Skills and Techniques

Wire wrapper for over 10 years, metal clay artisan, beading, kumihimi, polymer clay, macramé, metal etching.

Get to Know

Who am I? I am the matriarch of a clan of kids, grands and greats. I love the outdoors, bonfires, Halloween, small children and animals. I am Wiccan and have been a solitary since my early 20's. I have strong Native American and Celtic roots. My love of rocks and minerals and the vibrations I feel from them lead me to learn more about the folklore behind the stones. When I craft a piece, I consider the vibration of the stone and how it might make a person feel as they wear it close to them. I take a lot of pride in creating and have done it just for the sheer joy of the doing. So many friends and family have taken an interest in stone lore, it is natural for them now to come to me and say "I need some jewelry that will help with this". I'd like to share the lore with others. I started a blog at Wordpress to do just that and to share in the creation of some pieces from start to finish.

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