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Philadelphia, PA, United States

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We know your appearance is top priority. As such the first impression you want to have is one that will make a lasting and memorable statement. For years pocket square wearers have had to contend with ironing , starching and folding this fashion accessory. Some have even attempted to pin their hanky inside their jacket to stop it from falling down or constantly adjusting. However this quick fix often becomes time consuming, unsightly and frustrating. We at PocketSquareZ.com applied a little ingenuity, innovation and imagination to create a new concept. A custom folded handkerchief attached to an attractive insert card, that easily fits into your pocket. You fold the card to the desired height for the depth of your jacket pocket. And just drop it in and go. Not the usual fuss and muss of conventional handkerchiefs. "No hassle class" is what we call it. They save you time, money and frustration. No need to fold, starch, iron, pin, primp or position in your pocket. This allows you to focus in on what you should. Looking good! Why not give us a try; and drop it in with style. It's Pocket Candy for the Man on the Go!

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