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Please visit my new store at: http://store.kellyloweglass.com

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http://www.kellyloweglass.com http://store.kellyloweglass.com http://www.kellyloweglass.com/si… http://www.kellyloweglass.com/Cu…

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Hello! You've managed to stumble across a shining artifact from the past (in fact, I'm now dubbing you "The Archeologist" for your troubles) by finding this here store. You see, this store closed on January 1st, 2013. No problem though, because I've got a brand spankin' new one, and it's fancier than all the fanciest men of fancy town... basically what I'm saying is it's pretty fancy. Come check it out!

My new store is at: http://store.kellyloweglass.com


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