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Quick Blurb

I Love to bead and am particularly fond of Cubic Right Angle Weave. My patterns are in full color with graphic illustrations.


Bead Weaving, pattern writing, beading with seed beads, creative beading, peyote stitch, Cubic Right Angle Weave, Herringbone, Pondo Stitch, Right Angle Weave

Skills and Techniques

Graphics, pattern writing,

Get to Know

I live to bead and write patterns. My passion started in March 2007 when I first picked up a bead and gave stringing a go...but I did not find it challenging. I researched Beadweaving on the internet and the first stitch I taught myself was Peyote and subsequently have evolved to become a designer with a never ending desire to be surrounded by beads of all sizes and colors. Myself and 2 other South African Beaders, in conjunction with our local beading magazine, published a book on Advanced Bead Weaving patterns in 2009 - It sold over 5000 copies which was an outstanding result for us

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