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Tucson, AZ, United States

Quick Blurb

Welcome. You'll find a wide variety of items. Take a look at the new Earth Elements as well as the unique Jewelry.


Jewelry: Beadwork, Unique Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings using a wide variety of materials.

Earth Elements: Medicine Rocks, Decorated Feathers, Desert Driftwood.

Skills and Techniques

Seedbead Hand Weaving of all sorts, Fiber Wrapping, Stinging Skills, Polymer Clay Sculptures, Bead Crochet, Painting

Get to Know

Hi. I'm Marianne Hopkins and I have been designing jewelry, beading and working making small sculptures with natural materials for over 15 years. While the range from high end, elaborate, beaded jewelry and decorated rocks and desert driftwood is unusual, each item satisfies my creative urges.

My work has been in the Tucson Museum of Art's gift shop, small galleries in California and Arizona and in private collections across the country.

I have recently been featured in TrendHunter
with my Women's Healing Stones.

Even though we live in an ever more technical society there will always be those who appreciate and enjoy quality, creative arts and crafts products. This is a natural expression of us as a society and of humankind as a whole. We should rejoice in our diversity and expand our horizons. What better way to do this than through individual artistic endeavors.