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Edison, NJ, United States

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I am Lori. Wife. Mother. Gardener. Perfumer. Optimist... Life is so good. I am a stay-at-home mom to three amazing children who are my biggest fans and my biggest joy. Kay, my fabulous husband is a Korean, self-employed business owner. I am blonde, of proud Polish descent, and YES my kids look amazingly beautiful- having all been blessed with the best of each of us in so many ways... My children and I share so many interests and loves that it MUST be genetic. =) I absolutely adore gardening and my kids have embraced this passion too. We love to grow vegetables and fruits. We grow fresh herbs and lovely flowers of all sorts. We especially love to create fairy gardens for all of nature's little creatures to enjoy and my children happily add in their own special touches. Many of the photos that you see in my listings are from our gardens. I am always mesmerized by the aromatic scents of flowers, the green leaves, and the lush fruits- my little piece of heaven. I love to explore new ways of putting those incredible scents into my products. I have captured many of these beautiful essences in my mind and heart, and have transformed them into something that I hope you will experience. Berrysweet Stuff products are made to suit a variety of personal tastes using organic oils, pure essential oils, phthalate-free fragrances, and skin-loving ingredients- all of them vegan and vegetarian. For the "purist", I have strong single note scents in fruits and florals- like Pure Rose, Ripe Raspberry, Pink Peony, etc... For the "combination" lover, I have fruity florals and dessert scents ranging from Tangerine Jasmine to Orange Whipped Cream to Cherry Plumeria to Lemon Coconut. Whatever your pleasure, I truly hope that you will enjoy experiencing Berrysweet Stuff- my little piece of heaven.