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Do you like when you are given an expensive but absolutely unnecessary thing? You understand that the person tried, chose and spent a lot of money. That means that he appreciates and respects you but there is no joy of the gift. And your guest, solemnly handing the gift looks you in the eyes and is waiting for confirmation of the correctness of his choice. And you certainly talk about how wonderful this "vase" is and how long you have dreamed about it, and literally last night the same exactly you saw a dream! Common situation? So do not repeat it again. I agree, entering the gift shop, you see a lot of beautiful things made in brotherly China, which have an ancient or even historical appearance. They shine with silver and gold and look very expensive (as they actually are), and they try to approach the interior, but they are absolutely useless and unreliable in operation. So what should be a birthday gift, a gift to a man, a gift to a loved one, a gift to the chief and other representatives of the male population? Proceeding from the above reasons, I came to the conclusion that a gift should be necessary, it should not break with its active use, and also bring its owner joy. All these requirements are answered by the KNIFE! This knife is handmade. Men love these things. You will hardly buy it yourself if you are not a hunter or a fisher. There is no limit to delight when you are given it! We do not produce souvenir knives. We have only real, working and made by the best masters of their craft knives. It can be stored in a collection, you can carry it in a car and take it to hikes, hunting and fishing. It will be a reliable assistant everywhere and will serve for a very long time. More »